Street Representatives

Dear Members,

The Committee is pleased to announce that the following members have consented to serve the community as Street Representatives. Please do not hesitate to contact your representative if you wish to share with us your suggestion, opinion or complaint.

Street Representative Email Address
LAUT 1 Ann Lim
LAUT 2A Padma (Pat)
LAUT 2B Lee Kim Yeow
LAUT 3 Elena Low
BAYU 1 Anba Nagappan
BAYU 2 Gary Geh
BAYU 3A Christopher Tan
BAYU 3B Hanson Teow
BAYU 4B Choo Weng Keong
BAYU 5 Lionel Tan
They have an important role, especially in helping to recruit more members at a time when we face a difficult challenge to get better services and those amenities we believed will be provided for based on the sales representations when we purchased our properties.
We thank them for their contribution.
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