AGM: Decisions, decisions!

Dear Members,

Below is a summary of the decisions made by the Members of the GCROA  at the AGM on 24th March, 2012. These decisions were in response to a number of outstanding issues which members felt have not been fulfilled by Glenmarie Cove Development Sdn Bhd (“GCD”) despite numerous reminders and complaints made by residents and the GCROA Committee.

The members decided that until the issues listed below are fulfilled by GCD, in the opinion of the Committee, payments for maintenance and security charges shall be withheld. Members present at the meeting were unanimous in their support and called for steadfastness among all members.

For those members who were unable to attend the meeting, please take note of the following issues there were discussed:

1. Security Matters

1.1   Installation of a fully operational security barrier system acceptable to the owners
and residents.

1.2   Installation of a fully operational CCTV system plus an infrared detection system along the riverbank.

1.3   Formulation and implementation of comprehensive Standard Operating Procedures for Security and House Rules.

2. Amenities

2.1   Commencement of construction of the long delayed clubhouse for residents.

2.2   Commencement of rectification works to the unusable boat ramp.

2.3   Jetty in Precinct 2 to be fully operational.

2.4   Installation of traffic lights at the Jalan Telok Gong entrance pursuant to the letter
dated 13th January, 2012 from Jabatan Kerja Raya, Daerah Klang.

2.5   Replacement or repair of faulty gym equipment and improvement in cleanliness and
hygiene in the gym and swimming pool.

2.6   Improvement in lighting at Precinct 2 boardwalk area and at the Seri Santai car park

3. Environmental Issues

3.1   Replanting of bald patches at all common areas.

3.2   Repairs to all paths and walkways neglected over the years.

3.3   Implementation of a system for the clearing of rubbish in the lagoons, riverbank and
other common areas on a regular basis.

4. Constructions and Renovations

4.1   GCD to strictly comply with the guidelines set by itself.

5. Declaration of Intent by GCD

Members noted the exclusion of certain amenities in the latest marketing/sales brochure published by GCD when compared with earlier versions upon which some members may have based their decisions when they purchased their properties in Glenmarie Cove.

Members were of the opinion that GCD be required to clarity its intent in relation to the following ‘missing’ amenities as part of the preconditions for resumption of payments for security and maintenance charges:

  • Exclusive Residents’ Boat Club
  • Resort-style Commercial Village
  • Fishing Parks

6. Security and Maintenance Charges

The members resolved that the Committee be authorized to negotiate on members’ behalf the quantum of increase in security and maintenance charges levied by GCD from time to time and make such recommendations to the members as the Committee deems fit.

Finally, a note of thanks to all the members and residents who came to Seri Santai on Saturday and thence to the AGM. It was indeed an eventful day.

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8 Responses to AGM: Decisions, decisions!

  1. Gary Geh says:

    Every resident must know about our stand to have the promises fulfilled and remain steadfast and united. When are we having a membership drive?

    • I believe non members are reading this blog. For the past Three days, the average number of page views is about 300. If a person averages two pages per visit that means 150 people are looking in.

      We had 60 members before Family Day and after the AGM we stand at 95. I agree with you that we should go on a membership drive. We are close to finalizing the list of street representatives. I believe they can be of great help going one to one with the neighbors who are not yet members. Some of the non members just need a little nudge. What we are doing benefits all and I hope they will join so we are stronger.

      We also need more activities. This requires volunteers. For example, a mountain biking or cycling club. When we have the clubhouse more indoor activities are clearly possible.

  2. santok1950 says:

    Glenmarie Properties are spending hundreds of thousands(maybe more) on widening and improving the road outside , if they spend even a fraction of this the place will really be ‘Resort Living@

    • Gary Geh says:

      If only glenmarie properties did not build a boat shaped guardhouse but a simple yet classy one, the money could have been used to reinstate the security system.

  3. boyscout2b says:

    Just wondering if GCD has put out its “User Requirements” for the security system to its vendor/s. If so, can we review it (and make suggestions)? It seems like its taking a very looooong time. Is it a budgetary issue? Or lack of concern by GCD management? (People problem?)!

    • We have asked MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY times to meet with the shortlisted suppliers to see what they have to offer and during that process make the necessary changes, if needed. No reply ever came from Ben Yeoh or his staff why we could not meet with suppliers. Just stony silence. This is the reason why the condition for payment of the next bill is subject to the new system being acceptable to the owners. If it ain’t what we like, we ain’t gonna pay. GCD must learn to treat us like customers, the hard way if necessary.

      • dl2a15 says:

        Hi Johann,
        Are we going to escalate to some top fellows from Glenmarie Properties and DRB-Hicom?
        I seriously lost confidence on Ben..


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