The AGM; Developer hires Rela to counter residents

It began on 23rd night at around 8:00 PM when I saw NGF guards placing those polyethylene barriers to block the lorry the guards thought would be bringing in the chairs and tables for the meeting. They did not know the chairs had been delivered at 2:00 PM to my house. I thought the barriers would be removed by the next morning and that would be the end of it.

Alas, that was not to be. First came the Rela men. Later in the morning, the auxiliary police from DRB-Hicom arrived. The management probably feared there may be residents who are uneducated thugs. Many people perceive Rela  guards as the thuggish variety, using questionable and rough tactics when dealing with the ‘adversaries’ they are paid to block. 

Mr. Balachandran, GCD’s Community Manager, and I had met over the course of two days and I am certain he would have tried to convince his superior to change his mind. Bala is a reasonable man . I informed him the Committee would have accepted the decision if it had come shortly after the GCROA secretary sent in the request to Ben Yeoh. Since the decision came so late, and we would be using Seri Santai for only a few hours and for the last time too, if the clubhouse gets built over the next year, the decision by GCD was really a strange demonstration of intent to work closely with the residents.

But GCD would not budge. That is okay, we held the AGM elsewhere.

Bala and I spoke a few times yesterday right up until the last moment, and he too was concerned that things may get out of hand if the Rela men were not removed. When asked why they were upping the ante, Bala said their HQ had received some threatening phone calls and the staff were worried over their safety, hence the presence of the auxiliary police, complete with a submachine gun! I stated that he can be assured that no resident would do such a thing as harm anyone.  If there are elements out there who may want to take advantage of the situation to create chaos, those elements are certainly not against the residents. So has GCD been a bad boy in the eyes of outsiders around here? I guess there is a third possibility.

I have a few pictures to share below. Arvin Menon has kindly pointed us to the pictures he has posted online:

Rela men on standby. The officer in the foreground would soon be involved in a shoving match with a resident. In the background are Ben Yeoh and Bala, looking very much as Lords of the Castle, having a grand view of the situation as it unfolds.

Closer look at the Lords. In the foreground is K. Selvaraj Krishnasamy, the Security Manager. Calling for assistance, I guess.

In less than two minutes all cars had arrived to protest the blockade of Seri Santai. This was an incredible demonstration of solidarity among the residents.

These placards sum up the feeling of residents.
Picture by Arvin Menon.

Arguably the best placard of the day and only because I made it. Blowing my own trumpet heh heh.

The best display of the day.
Picture by Arvin Menon.

Shoving between Rela officer and a gentle resident. Notice how the resident put up his hands to demonstrate he was not looking for a fight.

Poor resident was pushed to the ground by the aggressive Rela officer. Thank goodness he was not injured.

The defiant Rela officcer challenging residents to take him on.

Auxiliary policeman with what is most likely a Colt 9mm Submachine Gun. This weapon is exceptionally well suited for military, paramilitary, and law enforcement organizations requiring a lightweight, compact, highly concealable, select fire weapon system for close confrontations. It can fire 700-950 rounds per minute and has an effective range of 100 meters.

Finally, the first News report has surfaced. Check this out (Sin Chew):

Also reported in China News and Nanyang Siang Pau.

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12 Responses to The AGM; Developer hires Rela to counter residents

  1. Daren Ong says:

    Anyone willing to do interview with MalaysiaKini ? I have asked MalaysiaKini to talk to Mr Choo regarding this and see how it goes ….

    • wkchoo says:

      Darren, thanks for your contribution. I’ve spoken with the MalaysiaKini personnel and Johan Foo will take the lead from here representing us. Johan will call her tomorrow for the next step onward. Yes , we need to put pressure to get what is rightfully ours and we welcome you onboard!!

  2. yfyin says:

    More owners and buyers should be informed about this developer.
    I am all ready to do this in a regular basis until GCD completes what they have promised in their brochures and websites.
    I hope they will live up to their Slogan ” Home Within a Resort” and not cheat buyers with promises to build Residents’ Clubhouses, Boat club, Commercial village which was later abandoned when all units are sold .

    • thomasmok says:

      yes, someone even suggested that residents take shift to post themselves at the sri santai area and discourage would be buyers to buy, something like rukun tetangga! and i don’t find that idea that bad either, hahaha.

      • yfyin says:

        Since, you find that idea very good, maybe you should start doing it, call in the person who suggested it as well , I am sure you will get our full support there on.

  3. boyscout2b says:

    Well done everyone! The important thing was that no resident was hurt. Secondly, we have shown GCD that GCROA will resolutely continue to push on with our legitimate demands for better services; a responsive and responsible management.and removal of impediments so that GCD can keep its promises. We are consumers and consumers have rights!

  4. Gary Geh says:

    Excellent coverage. Clearly an overkill on the part of GCD. What were they expecting, residents with hi tech weaponry? Tsk tsk tsk

  5. wkchoo says:

    OMG! They (GCD) came prepared with submachine gun!!! What an idiot, they think we come to fight with them…….what else can we say.

  6. santok1950 says:

    The third possibility you mention is I think a third probability

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