AGM Update IV: We need you! Non members are welcome.

Gather on Saturday, 24th March at 2:30PM SHARP at Seri Santai for further instructions. Bring placards, banners, gongs and drums.

There will be attempts to hamper your entrance into Seri Santai. Do not be deterred. Seri Santai is a common area.

Warn the security guards we are the ultimate paymasters and we will campaign to have them removed if any guard touches an owner.

Our banner for the meeting was removed around 4:00PM under the orders of Razali  Ben Yeoh. At around 8:00PM guards were seen blocking the entrance into Seri Santai with plastic barriers in an attempt to prevent the unloading of chairs and tables ordered for the meeting.

Let’s roll!

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13 Responses to AGM Update IV: We need you! Non members are welcome.

  1. dl2a15 says:

    Reported in Sinchew Metro Page 5

    • dl2a15 says:


  2. dl2a15 says:

    Reported in Sinchew Metro Page 5

    • wkchoo says:

      Anyone care to do some simple translation? Nice to hear what was reported. A very big bravo and kudos to everyone that turned up yesterday…..

      • dl2a15 says:

        Hi Choo,
        Quite a neutral report, nothing much to translate.

        One point worth mentioning, Ben Yeoh told reporter, “We will still build club house and jetties as we promised. Just work of club house will start in April, due to some technical delay. And we already build 2 jetties, even though 1 is now currently damage.. I dont know why the residents what to complain about..”
        he probably forgot the P2 jetty has yet to get CF..

  3. mokhliswp says:

    Kudos to everyone.

  4. Arvin Menon says:

    Some of the shots i took during today’s “Drama” during our AGM…

    IMG_2341 [1280x768]

  5. Please post videos from this afternoon’s protest/scuffles/fun at Seri Santai onto YouTube and provide the link.

  6. Arvin Menon says:

    Police Bantuan from DRB Hicom is at the main enterance of Sri Santai…

  7. Arvin Menon says:

    Dear all,

    just saw a truck load of RELA assembled infront of the Seri Santai.. Today is going to be an eventful day..

  8. Arvin Menon says:

    We are prisoners in our own community.. Well done Ben Yeoh. He is more of a thug than a CEO.. I will be there to show my support as well. Will register myself as a member too.

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