AGM Update III: More Yarn

From Ben to Johann Foo (really good points on the need to write nice letters):

Hi Mr Johann,

1.     GCD is doing our best to accommodate the residents’ request for a meeting place. GCD is not obliged to do so, but are doing it as GCD supports the GCROA.

2.     Seri Santai is part of GCD’s office and is an integral part of GCD’s premises for the conduct of business. Given the scale of the meeting, the meeting will impede GCD’s business (given that plenty of prospects come by on weekends). GCD supports the GCROA’s activities, however this cannot be at the expense of GCD’s business.

3.     GCD is willing to provide an alternative venue at GCD’s cost, out of goodwill.

4.     GCD therefore wishes to convey our regrets that our company premises that is used/open for business cannot be used for the AGM.

5.     In relation to communication with the GCROA, it is GCD’s position that GCD wishes to maintain a friendly and constructive relationship with the GCROA. Hence, GCD hopes that all future correspondence will be held in a constructive and friendly manner, to the mutual benefit of all parties. Given GCD’s resources, GCD regrets that we will not respond to correspondences that contain personal attacks, confrontational statements or threats.

6.     GCD wishes to reiterate that it supports and is pleased to work with the GCROA, however, it hopes that the GCROA will likewise work with GCD in a friendly and constructive manner.

Trust that the above clarifies.

Thank you,

Best regards

From Johann Foo to Ben Yeoh (usual nastiness from Johann Foo):

Dear Mr. Ben,

Thank you for your response.

It is interesting to note your desire to work closely with GCROA. I have said before we want you and your colleagues to be successful because your success means our success. Do you honestly believe you have been successful in dealing with the needs of the residents?

You will recall that the February joint meeting was postponed by you for two weeks despite knowing well in advance when the meeting will be held. You had to attend a course, we’re told. You were absent from last week’s meeting, despite knowing the schedule a month in advance. Again you needed to be  at your head office. How about keeping to an agreed meeting date as your first baby step to understanding what good faith means? I can understand the demands from your head office can be tough, but, regrettably, the feeling we get  is that the affairs of the residents have a rather low priority setting, in your eyes.

At last week’s meeting, your staff did admirably well telling us the new completion dates for the various ongoing developments. It is not that hard to tell the other side this or that is postponed yet again. Anyway, they did their best to explain in the absence of their Dear Leader. However, no one could answer why our request to meet with the new access system provider was not granted. And we were also by the  GAM representative that they were not involved in any way. A different story was told to us before this. You should be aware that I made the request many many times, first to Guna and then to Bala, to no avail. I am therefore somewhat surprised, given your stated desire to work closely with the GCROA and it’s Committee, that you did not have the courtesy to explain to us why the we cannot meet the system provider. We are your customers, in a way, and you should not take us for granted.

As I explained to Mr. Bala when we met earlier today, the Committee would have accepted with good grace if you had informed us much earlier that we could not use Seri Santai. We have used it a number of times before so in the absence of any objection from you or any of your staff, and there being  no other choice, we went ahead with our plan. You have failed to explain, yet again, what took you so long to tell us that this time we cannot have Seri Santai.

We know full well you are under no obligation to provide the GCROA a meeting venue but you cannot say the same in respect of the need to build us a clubhouse. You get worked up because we want to use Seri  Santai even though we have no choice but would expect the residents to live with  the very long  delay in the construction of the clubhouse. Well, please do not expect that again.


Johann Foo

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6 Responses to AGM Update III: More Yarn

  1. santok1950 says:

    Ben Yeoh is wrong to say that Seri Santai is GCD’s facility. It is a joint facility until a club house is provide ( which is over 4 years overdue). The residents gym and swimming pool are at Seri Santai. Maybe he hasn’t noticed this.

  2. yfyin says:

    After reading Ben Yeoh’s reply, I must say, he really sounded very arrogant in many parts of his letter considering the empty promises they have given to residents, he really should not talk like this.

    • In his email to the GCROA secretary Jeff, he did not even offer an iota of explanation why we cannot use Seri Santai. Just go away, sort of. That seems to me supreme arrogance.

      As for GCD and GCROA working together hand in hand, the traffic is mostly one way – from GCROA. We are the ones who are making suggestions to improve the performance of the guards. We are the ones who told them about construction activities on Sunday and we are the ones telling them that weeds are masquerading as grass in the common areas. But who gets paid?

  3. yfyin says:

    I guess the Security system , guards , clubhouse, jetties, landscapes and all amenities in Glenmarie Cove is also provided by GCD out of good will. Out of good will to lure buyers to eat the baits.

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