AGM Update I; Reply from Ben Yeoh

Email from Ben Yeoh, GCD received today:

Hi Jeff,

I understand from Bala that he had tried to contact yourgoodself via your mobile and house phone this afternoon but it rang off the hook.

Thereafter, he then SMSed yourgoodself that the management will be arranging No 18 Jalan Bayu 5 for your AGM instead of Sri Santai.

I would like to reaffirm here the notice as conveyed by Bala hereinabove.

Please let us know when you would like to take possession of the keys to the above unit and if you need any assistance with arrangement of mobile tables and chairs.

Thank you

Best regards


My reply to Ben:

Dear Ben,

Jeff sent the request to you for use of Seri Santai on February 20, exactly a month ago and there had been no refusal from from GCD until today. We have issued our notice of the AGM on 5th March, 2012 naming Seri Santai as the venue.
On Thursday, 15th March, 2012, when we had the monthly GCD-GCROA meeting in which you were conveniently absent, neither Bala nor anyone else from GCD mentioned that we could not use Seri Santai. As Jeff had pointed out in his email to you, we hope this is the last time we would need to use Seri Santai, that is if GCD finally builds the club house promised in your sales representation over the years.
Your attempt  to switch the venue without explaining the dire need for GCD to do so  is grossly unacceptable to me and I dare say my colleagues in the Committee as well. You have been given ample notice by Jeff and you cannot be allowed to get away with treating the residents is such a callous manner. After all, GCD has failed to live up to its obligation to build the clubhouse.
No. 18, Jalan Damar Bayu 5, is just two doors  from my home. The water supply to No.18 has been cut because GCD has not been paying Syabas for this unit. I dare say the electricity is also not connected. We expect about a hundred members to attend the meeting and No.18 is simply not suitable and will be too stuffy without air conditioning. I am surprised you have offered No.18 without checking the suitability of the unit and without considering the resentment that many of our members will feel. Only an idiot assistant could have made this recommendation to you.
Our members will turn up as announced in the notice at Seri Santai on Saturday.
Johann Foo

Reply from Ben Yeoh:

Hi Mr Johann,

I am sorry that I was unable to meet up with yourgoodself, Mr Santok , Mr Jeff during the meeting of 15th March. It has been a while since we had a chance to catch-up, I wanted to but I had to attend another meeting at Wisma DRB-Hicom then. I believed that Mr. Bala had extended to you my apologies stating my reasons at the start of the meeting and even way after the meeting when you had ateleconversation with him.

I had gone thro the list of items to be discussed prior to the meeting with my staff and GCD was represented by Bala, Razali, Guna and reps from our sister company and the outsourced security provider. I believed GCD was quite well represented, and my staff represented GCD in the meeting quite well, if you believe otherwise,pls let me know.

I had also SMSed you yesterday afternoon about 100pm, but I did not receive any response from you.

Our apologies for not being able to accommodate your AGM at our Sri Santai as it is our place of business and we need to conduct our sales activities and scheduled SPA signings therein.

In addition, we also have our furniture, scale models, display panels which cost us quite a fair bit and are quite fragile.

In respect to your members, pls give us a list and we will help you to contact them to inform on the change in venue, after all they are all residents in GCD.

If you find that no 18 Bayu 5 is not appropriate for your needs, we are able to offer you 2 other alternatives as depicted in attached layout viz 30 Bayu 1 and 36 Bayu 2,

Pls let me know and also if you need any assistance with furniture/tents and so forth. We will accommodate if possible.

On a final note, I would be most grateful if you can refrain from labelling any of my staff as IDIOT ASSISTANT or the like. They & I may not be perfect but I don’t think it is very polite on your part to make remarks like that.

Thanks & best regards

Ben Yeoh

Response from Johann Foo:

Dear Mr. Ben,

On my part I am well aware that Seri Santai is your place of business but you must also realize we are not exactly spoilt for choice of a suitable venue. It is GCD who has yet to make good its commitment on the clubhouse and this place is 6 years in the running! I also wonder if Seri Santai is in fact deemed a common area under the guidelines upon which a gated and guarded community like Glenmarie Cove is set up. However, this is not the time to contest such an issue.
The request was made to you a month ago but no one sounded any alarms throughout this period that Seri Santai may not be used. You or your staff couldn’t have forgotten that Seri Santai is a place of business a month ago surely. By the way, many of our residents own expensive and fragile things in their homes. And we could easily sit around the models so they need not be moved. Most residents, even the older and wiser ones, are highly adaptable.

So why the sudden change?

I think the real reason for the attempted switch is that you suddenly have SPA signings or something else but it is not polite that you give residents the shove when you when it suits you. 

The GCROA Committee  comprises of residents who have business and other activities to attend to and we are frankly out of time to consider the other venues you have offered in place of the dud at No.18 Jalan Bayu 5. They offer their services for no reward and have to deal with people who are, frankly, clueless and tone deaf. That’s probably impolite too, in your book, but the truth is more important, I’d argue.

Therefore our members will descend upon Seri Santai as we are out of time to consider the other venues. How ugly it turns out  is completely in your hands.
Johann Foo

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8 Responses to AGM Update I; Reply from Ben Yeoh

  1. nickyteh says:

    Guys, there are worse things than residents
    Club house delays. GCD has omitted the retail village, resident boat club & fishing
    Parks from its new brochures. We need to demand what was promised to us but were not
    Given as well as Conveniently forgotten.

  2. yfyin says:

    A staff who recommended a unit with no water and electricity supply as meeting place is definitely an idiot.
    By lying to hundreds of residents that the club house is going to commence work in last October 2011 and the P2 jetty will be ready in October 2011 is worst then an idiot, he is a liar and a conman.

  3. yfyin says:

    Mr Ben Yeoh and GCD have so far given us many empty promises, for example: during the last meeting, he said:-
    1) The P2 jetty will be ready by end of October 2011 but to date, it is still chained up.
    He also said:-
    2) The P2 club house will commence work on October 2011 but to date, the story is, the job is not even awarded to any party.
    3) New security system with new Tag is suppose to start in April 2012 but to date, even the system is not installed yet.
    4) The temporary ram with a faulty design is suppose to be corrected but left unattended to.
    5) Upgrade Lightings along P2 river side not done yet.Total darkness at night.
    6) Get the sensors working along the whole river side.

    GCD has really really got to meet what they have promised for all the Glenmarie Cove residents as many have put their life savings thinking of buying a dream house with river front facilities and activities, but the fact now is : there isn’t really any real access to river activities.
    If this continues, GCD will look more like a con developer only focusing at selling all units here (only profit oriented)and disappear after that.

  4. Gary Geh says:

    Honestly… we were fine before his “reign”. Can we have the old management back ah?

  5. Gary Geh says:

    Talking to BY is like talking to a frog la. Better bang your head onto a brick wall… i’m sure you would feel better after that. In my opinion, he knows that there is gonna be hell to pay at the AGM and he is trying to avoid
    1) being there if he can.
    2) having potential buyers know how bad GCD is after you have signed the dotted line
    I’m turning up at seri santai. We have the meeting in his office la, cramp there. Full of crap la. Don’t want to be called idiots then don’t act like ones la simple right.

  6. shirleepoel says:

    If you ask me, they should vacate Seri Santai, we make it our temporary clubhouse until our promised one is completed……They can move into the house No: 18….they are so duh…..

  7. Dear Members,

    The Committee needs the support of all members to show that we cannot be pushed around. Ample notice was given and we do not know the real reason behind this switch. Please attend in full force and we will tell you what to do. Please pass the word around.

    • nickyteh says:

      My apologies to all. I won’t be able to attend this historical moment in GC chapter as I’m called away overseas for business. With all d committee members hands on deck n all Members n residents support, I can rest assured knowing we have won the battle n eventually the war.

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