GCD-GCROA 15 March, 2012 Minutes

Minutes of the Glenmarie Cove Residents’ & Owners’ Association (GCROA)

Meeting with Glenmarie Cove Management

held at Sri Santai on 15th March 2012 at 16.00

These meetings, held on a monthly basis, are arranged to discuss a list of questions on the subjects of landscaping, security, maintenance, projects status and other issues that are submitted regularly to GC Management by GCROA.



Johann Foo

Santok Singh

Jeff Harris

Albert Mok

Anbaharan Nagappan

Kulwant Steiger

Taizo Hirano

Glenmarie Cove

Balachandran (Bala)

Gunasegaran (Guna)

K. Selvaraj Krishnasamy (Raj)

Representatives of NGF Security and Glenmarie Asset Management


Ben Yeoh, Chief Operating Officer


A list of 12 issues where security is currently unsatisfactory was presented by Santok Singh and each item was discussed. Santok stated that residents are the ones reporting on things that GCD are not aware off. This is a sign that there is a lack of hands-on involvement by key GCD personnel. The impression many residents have is that GCD personnel are no pro active. The main listed points were:

  • Guards are not properly monitoring cars passing the main guard house and non residents are being given access without signing in.

Johann said that one reason for this could be because cars are often driven well beyond the point where the guard is normally stationed and unless the guard comes to the front of the car he cannot determine the status of the person behind the wheel.  Thus some visitors who failed to stop on the left lane were able to gain access without signing in.

GCD agreed to have a guard stationed sufficiently forward at the guard house to direct vehicles to the proper lane.

GCROA and GCD are in the process of preparing a comprehensive set of Standard Operating Procedures for security operations and House Rules and this should be completed by May. Upon completion, members will have the opportunity to comment on the documents before final adoption.

  • Also residents are often not receiving phone calls when visitors or suppliers arrive. Improvements need to be made.

With the auto dialler in use, requiring 3-digit codes, it was generally agreed that most of the problems are due to the guards not performing what they should. GCROA felt there is a lack of proper supervision and that GCD are ultimately responsible to residents and cannot put the blame solely on their supplier NGF Security.

NGF reported they have a new supervisor. Johann suggested that they should consider hiring supervisors who are able to train the lower ranks.

The proposed system of moving guards from one post to another at regular intervals was discussed. A system had previously been proposed by GCROA 3 months but was not addressed by both parties. GCD described the present ‘rotation system’ practised by NGF, which was deemed unacceptable by GCROA. GCD agreed to reassess the system and details will be presented to GCROA within one week.

The barrier system is to be replaced in the near future. Quotes have been obtained for a new system using ‘proximity cards’. The target date for completion of this new system was 1st April 2012 but this will now not be met. A budget meeting is planned for 3rd April at GCD’s HQ when the contract should be approved and installation should take approx. one week. Only one barrier will be installed at the main guard house. The new operational target date is 1st May. Residents will be issued new access cards on surrender of their current tags. Car stickers should be available fairly soon.

Other Matters:

  • A detailed discussion took place on Sunday construction working and GCROA stressed that this practice should be completely stopped. Many residents have complained about being disturbed by noise.
  • The proposal to install traffic lights at the Jalan Telok Gong entrance was bought up by Johann Foo. His understanding is that JKR has given their full backing for this installation in their letter to GCD on 13th January, 2002.
  • Bala stated that based on a traffic impact assessment commissioned some time ago, there appears no need for traffic lights. Johann countered that as this is a matter of safety for the residents, GCROA will, if necessary, petition JKR to enforce their requirement that the lights be installed. At the very least, road humps should be built.
  • GCD stated that the Club House contract will be awarded at the end of March and work should commence in April.
  • The repair or replacement of Senangin Pier that was badly damaged by a runaway barge is subject to an insurance assessor’s report.
  • The new jetty in Precinct 2, is pending inspection and handover in the next two weeks.
  • Guna agreed to have a list of maintenance projects he had planned for the coming month at each meeting so that the committee was aware of what was planned, so the Committee did not have raise issue these particular items.

For the spread sheet listing the outstanding projects and revised completion dates, go to the file GCD-GCROA 15 March 2012 in the box.net widget.

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16 Responses to GCD-GCROA 15 March, 2012 Minutes

  1. Thomas Mok says:

    Anyone noticed this line, “Only one barrier will be installed at the main guard house. The new operational target date is 1st May.”

    After experiencing the efficiency of the current crop of security personnel in opening the gates, I am sceptical that it is proposed with our well-being in mind.

    If with 3 boom gates, the guards / security firm is already slacking, I wonder how much tighter the security will be with only 1 boom gate? We used to be proud of our security, rivalling that of Fort Knox (so some said). Ask any Precinct 1 residents to reminiscence the guards of old and it is almost unbelievable how low the standard has dropped.

    With many of the residents being frequent travellers, leaving our home in the able hand of our guards for days, some for weeks, I doubt it will be wise to agree to compromise of security.

    • This topic will be discussed at the AGM on March 24th, so please come to offer your views and hear what others have to say. An invitation has been extended to Ben Yeoh, the Chief Operating Officer of GCD to attend the first half of the AGM to answer any question members may have on security and other issues. After this we will as a body formulate our response to GCD.

  2. boyscout2b says:

    I think we should see/read the so called traffic impact assessment report that was allegedly done “some time ago”. Only an idiot can’t see the long queue outside GC entrance during the rush hour.

    • We don’t really need to see it. As I see it, GCD will use this report to justify their unconcerned attitude towards the JKR letter. Don’t expect GCD to respond to us either which is why I see little choice but write to JKR to make them aware that GCD is unwilling to engage in any meaningful discussion and it is their belief that JKR is talking c@%k about the need for traffic lights. Meanwhile, we grow more concerned as upgraded road will result in higher speeds by the truckers, et al.

      This isuue will be discussed at the AGM, so I hope we will see you there.

  3. wkchoo says:

    Committees members, thanks for update and follow up. However, it’s sad to see that not much/lack of progress by GCD. We keep on seeing the oustanding matters been postponed to later date each time. Ben is slowly phasing out and let his subordinates to “take care”. The most important issue now is the security system and we shall put a stop once and for all ……….get it done and fix on the agreed date and no more excuses for delay and postpone.
    Thanks to all committees members for your tireless effort.

  4. rlshawnie says:

    I experience the same as I came back just now (10.25 pm). Just a thought to ponder though. Why is the guard constantly flashing the security pass as I was approaching him? Is he and whoever manning the post not been instructed to lookout for residents stricker plastered on the front of the car windscreen? What are resident stickers for? Definitely not to decorate my car windscreen. It’s getting to be a bother that I have to direct their attention to the sticker every time that I pass through.

    • The reason the guard is flashing the security pass (the tag) is because not all residents have been issued with car stickers. As mentioned before, GCD had stopped ordering the stickers. When asked we only get blank stares because the cost of printing these stickers are so damn cheap, budget constraints cannot be the answer. It is purely and simply sloppy management by the top man thus the blank stares.

      • Anba says:

        Johann, as discussed during the meeting we need GCD to issue the car stickers to all residents first. GCD confirmed the Car Stickers will be available this week and we need to make sure its done.

      • rlshawnie says:

        My main contenton is not so much the flashing of the card, but more on the fact that the guard should be instructed to SEE/OBSERVE for vehicle with stickers. At least it will give the impression that they are diligent in their job! Talk about diligent, I would like to relate an incident I encounter last night (19/3/2012 @ 12.20 am aproximately).
        I was in a taxi on my way home. As I was instructing the cab driver to slow down approaching the guard house, I realise that I didn’t have the resident pass with me. Before I had time to think of a way to prove my legitimacy as a resident, the guard open the boom gate WITHOUT the cab having to stop!!! The guard didn’t bother to question the passenger at the back of the cab (your truly). And this is repeated at the second guard post to the precint.
        To think, all a robber needs is a cab to gain excess to our GATED AND GUARDED home. Looks like cab drivers have unquestionable authority and residents have to prove their legitimate rights to their own home!! Ironic isn’t it??

        • The incident about your return in a taxi is definitely beyond the pale.

          It shows a guard who has no idea what his role is and it reflects very badly on the security firm’s recruitment practice and training methods.

          The guards at the entrance into the precincts do not seem to perform any security checks believing that the vehicle has been vetted at the main gate. It was the same with the Guardian guards. The SOP must be tightened here and this will be completed ASAP.

          It is not the job of a resident to give a stupid guard his marching orders but it will certainly help. I do that simply because I am angry. I just wish more residents will do the same.

          By copy of this reply to Bala/Raj/Ben, I would ask that the guard be removed. Mistakes that can be corrected is one thing, but a stupid guard is probably hard to cure.

      • wkchoo says:

        Allowing taxi to come in without checking is already the second incidents. Yin had reported this last week in this blog and our administrator had subsequently informed GCD….but it happened again!! Please bring up this topic for discussion at this coming AGM on WHY WHY WHY GCD never bothered to listen. Are they waiting for things to happen before taking action arrgh……..

      • Gary Geh says:

        While this new procedure or should I say, old procedure enforced with new ferver, is excellent for our security, it is only as good as the person carrying it out. I noticed that the guards will open the boom gate as soon as someone raises his hands with any card. The other day I raised my hand with my business call card and the guard opened the boom gate. Ofcourse i stopped, wind down and spoke to the guard nicely (we empower them anyway) about properly checking the cards that people wave.

        • Yet again, it requires a simple solution. ALL CARS MUST SLOW TO A CRAWL OR STOP COMPLETELY before the plastic cone is removed.

          We have no direct control over the security firm NGF in that what we say goes firstly to GCD and they pass on their message to Glenmarie Asset Management and thence to NGF. In between there may be delays or the message gets distorted. What we may ultimately need to do is to have more direct involvement with the selection of the company providing the guards and be rid of any unnecessary layer in between that increases cost with little to show for it. We need to negotiate a course with GCD, mindful of the provisions in the Deed of Mutual Covenants and other problems.

      • Gary Geh says:

        Good point on we need direct control. Why can’t we manage our own, security, maintenance, etc… and not go through GCD. I’d rather have the committee collect our monthly fees and manage it than have GCD manage our fees. Only god and GCD knows where and how our money is used. I mean look at the increased marketing and events recently and look at the state of our security hardware, amenities and surrounding. While events are good for the property value, I can’t help but think that the focus is on GCD’s agenda rather than the resident’s

  5. Gary Geh says:

    I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised coming home from work today that the guard was standing far out enough from the barrier gate to stop cars and verify if they have the access card. Pleasantly surprised because I just read the minutes this afternoon and already this is implemented. Good job committee! Excellent work!!

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