Changes in GCROA lineup

Minutes of the Committee Meeting held on 7th March 2012.

Held at Sri Santai on Wed 7th March 2012 at 8.00pm

   Present:                                               Applogies:

Albert  Mok

Lionel Tan                                             Santok Singh

Jenny Yeong                                         Taizo Hirano

Jeff Harris

Nicky Teh

Johann Foo

Sharmila Senin


  1. The Secretary reported that he had received two resignations from committee members. One was from the President, Eric Yong, due to an increased business work load, and the second was from Mary Lowdik due to moving away from Glenmarie Cove.  The Rules of the Society state that in this circumstance, the committee can appoint other members to the vacant posts. Albert Mok proposed Johann Foo as the new President.  A vote was taken and all members present supported this motion. Johann Foo  is now President of GCROA.  Several names were put forward for Vice President and new ordinary member.  After consulting the proposed members, it was decided that Santok Singh is now Vice President, Anbaharan Nagappan is the new committee member with responsibility for Maintenance and Kulwant (Kanti) Stieger is the new  committee member with joint responsibility for Social Affairs.
  2. Johann Foo reported that no progress has been made in arranging discussions with potential contractors for the proposed new security barrier system.  All committee members considered that GCD is not progressing this issue as promised and that members at the forthcoming AGM should discuss taking action to compel GCD to comply with residents proposals.
  3. It was reported that notices have been sent out to announce the AGM on 24th March, both by post and email.  Quotations will be obtained for the supply of chairs needed at Sri Santai. Non members will be invited to this meeting but will be required to join before participating.
  4. A further monthly meeting with GCD management is arranged for 15th March.

There was no other business and the meeting closed at 9.15 pm.

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3 Responses to Changes in GCROA lineup

  1. boyscout2b says:

    Cograts Johann and the new comm members! I know GCROA has a long tough fight ahead to protect the residents’ interest against the inequities and incompetencies of GCD. It’s like GC is their first ever gated/guarded community! There are times I feel like pulling up anchor and moving to another guarded/gated community.

  2. Gary Geh says:

    to the outgoing committee members… THANK YOU!
    to the newly appointed/voted positions… CONGRATULATIONS!

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