Let there be light(s) …

I’m kind of pressed for time today so this topic is published as an open letter to Ben Yeoh, Chief Operating Officer of GCD Sdn Bhd.

Dear Ben,

Let me begin by refreshing your memory on a couple of events in recent weeks/months which are related in a way:

  1. On 18th January,2012 we submitted the fruits of a signature campaign for speed(road) bumps at the Jalan Telok Gong entrance. The letter from you to the Majlis Perbandaran Klang (MPK) was included in the blog post “Safety 101: Update” on the same day.
  2. On 6th February, 2012 the post “What’s happening” was about the appearance of a signboard concerning roadworks that are now underway. In this post I had wondered whether the upgrading of works will involve the provision of traffic lights. You replied to my question on 8th February. In addition to a yarn about the 10th Malaysia Plan, you stated the following: “I am not sure about the traffic lights in view of the new 10th Malaysia Plan upgrade of Jalan Teluk Gong coming up. For the time being, I would imagine that they will consider the speed bumps.”  Your entire reply is in the blog.

MPK advised Guna that on the issue of road bumps we will have to deal with JKR so on Friday 2nd March, Guna and I trotted off to JKR, Daerah Klang armed with a letter from GCD to JKR signed by your Azman Esa. The person we wanted to meet was away but we did meet with someone from Bahagian Jalan who asked why are we bothering with the bonggol when we could have traffic lights. Huh? Say that again and he did.

Earlier today I obtained from JKR a copy of the letter it had written to GCD on 13th January, 2012 for the attention of Azman Esa and copied to you:

I’d grant that you probably did not get to see the JKR letter when you signed the letter to MPK on 17th January. However your reply on 8th February to my question on traffic lights that you are in the dark is rather misleading. You should have known by then that pursuant to para 3 of JKR’s letter, GCD is required to install traffic lights. The official I talked to added that this will not only apply to the CF on the road works but to all properties under construction within GCD. And why would Azman Esa write the letter to JKR last Friday when he, more than anyone else, should have known better that JKR is demanding traffic lights?

Ben, a little more honesty is required  if GCD-GCROA are to deal in good faith.

Be it known to all that we now put GCD on watch for carrying out JKR’s requirement to install the traffic lights.




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10 Responses to Let there be light(s) …

  1. dl2a15 says:

    Hi Johann,

    Good to hear that there are some good news on the traffic lights.

    It actually make sense to have traffic lights after widening the road.
    Even as of now, we are totally at the mercy of those incoming vehicles to exit from GC in the rush hour. Imagine if the road are widen, more cars coming in at higher speed…. how the hell can we get out?

    I couldn’t understand why GCD take priority of widening the road, instead of build second exit at P4. BTW, do they have a timeline to complete the widening? The dust is almost unbearable.. and the progress is… err… slow.


    • I am sorry I do not have the timeline for completion of the road works. Nor would I attempt to find out because no one can provide quality information, if they bother to reply in the first place. Fortunately, this projects involves public interest so we can be sure JKR will not be amused if the works drag on. The business owners in Telok Gong will surely be on JKR’s back.

      The exit at P4 is slated to complete at the end of this year, but you must allow for the famed tardiness to schedules. The upgrading now underway is to help sell real estate, not for the love of residents.

  2. boyscout2b says:

    I believe the problem could be a document bottleneck at Mr Azman desk (there is one in every corporation), which may mean that the MPK letter may not have gone up to the COO office. But I agree that the COO should have known (immediately after assuming the post) all MPK conditions and requirements for the entire GC development. Don’t you get a feeling that there is a “power struggle” within GCD?

    • I think you meant JKR in your comment.

      GCD is a small company by the number of people employed. Mail should be distributed within a day. This is why I take issue with Ben’s response on 8th February an not the letter to MPK on 18th January because snail mail in usually slow. All the subsequent followup work with MPK would have been unnecessary. But, hey, at least we now know what to expect. From what I can see, the JKR man is not open to compromise. He wants lights, so let there be lights.

      Power struggle? Not that I can see. Poor management? YES.

      I am tired of writing emails to them but I’ve just realized that P2 jetty was never relocked after they opened it under strict supervision for Family Day on 18th February. Why isn’t Raj doing something about this? If the jetty is not fit for usage, could there be liability problems if mishaps happen. And this is kind of funny. I pushed the columns of the Jetty and it actually wobbles! Try it before Raj wakes up. I wonder if this wobble is allowed for in the specifications.

      • wkchoo says:

        What is the CF status for P2 jetty? Thought we should get the green light by now……

      • Gary Geh says:

        Johann… is the jetty column wobble a feature? or a flaw? Just thinking in laymans terms… probably some wobble is allowed but the columns should not wobble when human strength is applied on it right?

        • It moves, I swear. I cannot be imagining it. I brought this matter up at yesterday’s GCD-GCROA and they will look into it. I don’t think it is allowed to wobble. As we are not experts in this, it is not reflected in the minutes until someone can confirm my observation.

  3. wkchoo says:

    Sad to say that we are dealing with the most pathethic guy here. Is there any reason to be reasonable with unreasonable??? Can we go higher up? Those residents that claimed to know somebody in DRB Hicom…..please help us!!

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