GCROA Annual General Meeting 2012

Notice of the GCROA Annual General Meeting 2012

The first GCROA AGM will take place on Saturday 24th March, 3.00 PM sharp, at Sri Santai Sales Gallery.

According to the Society Rules, at least one-half of the voting membership of the Society or the voting members present should represent twice the total number of committee members, whichever is the lesser, must be present at a general meeting for its proceedings to be valid and to constitute a quorum.

So please attend to ensure that we have a quorum of members and to find out what your committee has been doing since the formation of GCROA in July 2011, and to air your views on what needs to be done in 2012.

Only members paid up for 2012 will be able to vote on any resolutions taken during the meeting.

Jeff Harris

Administrator’s Note:

Pursuant to Rule 7(c), the business of the annual general meeting shall be:-

(i)         To receive and adopt the minutes of the previous annual general meeting;

(ii)        To receive and adopt the Committee’s report on the working of the Society
during the previous year;

(iii)       To receive and adopt the Treasurers’ report and the audited accounts of the
Society for the previous year;

(iv)       To appoint auditors for a period of two years;

(v)        To deal with such other matters as may be put before it.

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5 Responses to GCROA Annual General Meeting 2012

  1. wkchoo says:

    Johann, please tell Ben before hand that the residents want answers to all the outstanding list that you’ve drafted and we will not take further excuses of “let us check and revert to you”. He has been given sufficient time now till the meeting to prepare all the answers. I hope the residents will start compiling list of extra queries/questions here (hopefully by this week), so that the committees can forward these to GCD for them to answer us in the meeting in person. With this we will have a quality meeting with GCD instead of them giving excuses and please make full use of this important meeting to benefit the communities. ( all personal matters with GCD to be dealt seperately and ask questions that matters to residents as a whole….)

    • The important thing to achieve at the forthcoming AGM is a near unanimous agreement by all present to undertake what we feel must be done. We would also like the support of non-GCROA members to make it sting. For this reason we shall invite non members to sign up on the 24th so they can listen to our approach and be part of the family. Also there are things the Committee cannot undertake on behalf of non-members.

      The Committee will compile a list of the core issues that must be resolved by GCD or dealt with in a manner that the Committee deems appropriate before we do our part under ‘the proposed deal’. Members can deliberate on these issues and if the majority feel it is necessary to add things to the list (or subtract from), we’ll get it done.

      GCD just simply have do what Nike says: Just do it. Or they won’t get the lollipop.

      • wkchoo says:

        The problem is that GCD couldn’t care less about the lollipop and hope we can come out with something that can shake them up! Looking forward for the esteemed committee’s proposals that will lead us to the light…

  2. wkchoo says:

    Will Ben be invited to this meeting? I’m sure there are tons of questions that residents wanted answered.

    • We will ask for a GCD representative to be present at the AGM. I have done that at my level and we will remind GCD of this need on 16 March when GCD-GCROA meet up.

      Over the past two months, I have kept asking for an opportunity so interested Committee Members can meet with the shortlisted providers for the new access system, to no avail. The reason for this is so that we can have an idea of what is in store for residents and to avoid a system that does not meet with our aspiration and needs. It was also to keep up the pressure to have the system installed as soon as possible. Five years on and the clubhouse has yet to break ground. The first access system has been a disaster and the boat ramp is, well, crooked. With this kind of record, shouldn’t we be worried?

      GCD somehow fails to see the importance of our request. Would you go back to a restaurant that served you bad food? Simarly, why should we pay for a system that sucks or accept delays in so many things with our arms crossed? We have been patient for a reason and have offered our assistance at EVERY TURN but the cluelessness remains.

      We will discuss at the AGM how residents should respond to this and many things. I cannot discuss this further. I hope many members will turn out for this important meeting. Please alert your sleepy neighbours.

      This response is copied to Ben Yeoh, Bala, Guna and Raj for the record.

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