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Gated and Guarded Community – Malaysia

Santok Singh has provided the link to this article which owners may find interesting:** It contains good background information, especially on the law pertaining to gated and guarded communities. **About the author: Stanley Gabriel The author is the Head … Continue reading

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Street Representatives

Dear Members, The Committee is pleased to announce that the following members have consented to serve the community as Street Representatives. Please do not hesitate to contact your representative if you wish to share with us your suggestion, opinion or complaint. … Continue reading

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AGM: Decisions, decisions!

Dear Members, Below is a summary of the decisions made by the Members of the GCROA  at the AGM on 24th March, 2012. These decisions were in response to a number of outstanding issues which members felt have not been … Continue reading

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The AGM; Developer hires Rela to counter residents

It began on 23rd night at around 8:00 PM when I saw NGF guards placing those polyethylene barriers to block the lorry the guards thought would be bringing in the chairs and tables for the meeting. They did not know the chairs … Continue reading

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AGM Update IV: We need you! Non members are welcome.

Gather on Saturday, 24th March at 2:30PM SHARP at Seri Santai for further instructions. Bring placards, banners, gongs and drums. There will be attempts to hamper your entrance into Seri Santai. Do not be deterred. Seri Santai is a common … Continue reading

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