Senangin Pier Mk II

At around 4 AM today, Senangin Pier was badly damaged by a barge laden with rocks for building works at Precinct 4.

Not a case of drunken sailing. All hands on deck and in the tugboat were asleep! Somehow the anchor had slipped and the barge drifted towards Senangin Pier under high tidal currents. When it happened everyone on board jumped up screaming and shouting and the tugboat’s engine revved up to steer away.

The damage is extensive. Incidentally, Senangin Pier was struck by a barge about two years ago and the insurance claim, last discussed, has not been settled. Now this.

No prizes for guessing the point of impact.

Before the incident, everything was in a straight line.

Closer look at the damage.

This section was dislodged and swept away.

Reverse angle. I think the pier may now be closed and the repairs or rebuild is likely to take ages. Pressure will now grow to have P2 jetty (still unnamed) open. These are lucky boats.

Three more lucky boats. Note the now slanted column directly opposite the point of impact.

Confirmation byBen Yeoh, COO (9:24 AM): Senangin Pier is closed.

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  2. wkchoo says:

    Johann, please forward this to GCD for their action.

    Yesterday about 4.20pm I was at Sri Santai’s lagoon casting net for prawn (for bait) and while casting oveseeeing the river I noticed a fully loaded barge was passing thru. Not suspecting anything as it was quiet and peaceful. However, I suddenly realised that it was too quiet as normally I can hear tug boat tugging along side the barge. Fearing the worst I took my bike and cyling to the river. True enough, the barge was drifting freely with the incoming tide and no tug boats was at siight. By the time I reached senangin pier, the barge was about 15 to 20 feets away from the senangin pier’s jetty and drifting toward to new jetty.
    As the Murphy’s law applied, i did not bring my handphone along and there were no guards along the whole strech of river walkway!!!!. Cycling fast towards the new jetty to warn if anyone at new jetty and luckily no one was at sight. I saw one of Guna’s maintenance guy at nearby bungalow and asked him to inform the guards and coincidently one guards just pass by and he used his walkie talkie to inform someone at guard house……by the time the barge just barely miss our new jetty by similar distance (15 to 20 feets)! Whew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Two tug boats that were stationed near P4 (which should have berted along side the barge all the time!!!) came after it drifted pass the lagoon 3 before it hit the shore.
    This is a blatant gross negligent by the contractor and just barely after 2 weeks on the first incident they NEVER learnt. Human life and properties are at stake and please take immediate action before serious mishap happen!!!

    • Phew! Okay, have forwarded to GCD personnel. Sleepy GCD employs sleepy contractors employ sleepy barge operators employ sleepy tug boat operators.

      You can’t make this up but it is happening.

      • ichtus17 says:

        The GCD management and contractors must be dunggus to allow this to happen again. They must know that the current here is exceptionally strong at spring tides when the tide differential can be as much as 5 metres (like yesterday)… imagine that amount of water coming into and going out of a narrow channel every 12 hours.!!!
        Unless GCD and the barge operators/contractors work using the tide tables (and their heads) I bet you it’ll happen again.

  3. ichtus17 says:

    Was in Penang when I got the news. Thankfully my boat was spared and more importantly, it happened at 4 am when no one (no fishermen) were on the jetty. Hope they have towed the boats to the P2 Jetty.

    Anyway, it looks like they will have to redesign the Jetty. The present design, with the strong tidal movement/current and big barges plying the river will just see further accidents.

    • A blessing in disguise, eh? GCD should quickly settle the previous claim without breathing a word to the insurer about what happened on Saturday. Then pursue this new claim and there will be enough money left over to rectify the ‘crooked’ ramp.

      • ichtus17 says:

        You is right Johann,
        just quickly settle the last claim with the insurance company and then claim from the present barge company. Being contracted by GCD to carry sand to P4, this claim would be sap sap sui. Further, we can cannibalize some of the sections to build a fishing pier.:-)
        Lets hope all this will come to pass speedilly.

      • wkchoo says:

        Not pouring cold water, with the way things run here by GCD I think it will take years to get the jetty ractify or build. Hope i’m wrong !

        • This is the fear many residents will have given GCD’s famed slowness in getting things started and completed. The club house is a good example – the first residents came here about 5 years ago and the ground has yet to break. Suppose to begin sometime in March. We’ll see.

          On the jetty, I share Tony’s optimism that the claim should not take long to settle. The contract for filling the land in Precinct 4 is in excess of RM10 million so the amount owed by GCD to the contractor at any time is likely to exceed the claim. The Precinct 2 jetty contact sum was about RM1.50 million.

    • wkchoo says:

      Md.Noor was there when it happenned. He tried to warn the barge by flashing his torchlight but to no avail as the crews were soundly asleep I think. He barely escaped when the barge hit the jetty…thanks goodness he is ok.
      I was awaken by the guards about 5 am as they were honking their bikes trying to call my opposite neighbour (his name is also Tony) thinking it is you, to inform about the incident. My neighbour slept thru it and never awake and i had to tell them its the wrong Tony!!

  4. dl2a15 says:

    I know this is not the right thread to ask, but not sure which the right thread to post.
    Does anyone know what is going on at the entrance into Jalan Telok Gong?

  5. yfyin says:

    Recently, I went there at night and the spot light is not working, at one time, even the 2 small lightings on the jetty are not working and the whole jetty was hardly visible, since there are no barriers protecting the jetty, bright lightings are important.

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