Security: Updating Contact Numbers

There are still a number of owners/residents who have not provided their contact numbers to facilitate the vetting of visitors.

There is a new form to capture more information, including your land line  (03) number if you have one. This form is available from the widget. Look for the file name “GCD Security Form 24-Feb-2012”.

To maintain the integrity of the database, Security will not accept information given over the telephone. You must fill up the prescribed form.

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  1. wkchoo says:

    Just came back to GC and as usual the guard at guardhouse flashed his baton light and signal for your card. I wanted to test him and just waved my handphone and kaboom…he opened the boom gate. I winded my window and showed him my handphone and asked him “ini bolehkah?” He just smiled and walk away.

  2. yfyin says:

    This give me the impresssion that robbers can drive in with a taxi at night.

  3. yfyin says:

    This morning 6 am, a taxi came in to my house damar bayu 3a to fetch us, he said the guard was so easy and did not even stop him to enquire which house he is going.

  4. wkchoo says:

    Just submitted the incident report which was signed by the KP to Bala and Raj this morning. The report was acknowleged receipt by GCD and photos taken. I will get the quotation for repair from my workshop (repair the dent and spray paint the whole section) today and pass it to them as suggested. Shall keep you posted and was told that this is the 3rd similar incidents!!!! barrier hitting the cars. All please be careful when u see the barrier is open when passing thru… the sleepy guards might think its closed and press the button when u are passing thru…..

    • wkchoo says:

      Just submitted my claim to Raj and Bala via email. Give them fews days to response and see how it goes ( spoken to the other victim and was told that he was been push/pass around… his last solution is not to pay the monthly fees!!!) Hmmmm….

      • Gary Geh says:

        Choo… about being given the run around… this is so true. GCD is a master at this art. Not surprised that the other victim was given this treatment and not surprise that he is contemplating witholding the mothly fees. I hope you get your claim though. I have heard of a similar case in a condo where the victim of such an incident got compensated. The condo is Damansara Pelangi. If they can compensate, why not DRB HICOM? Maybe DRB HICOM can compensate but because one person doesn’t want this to make him look bad while under his management.

      • wkchoo says:

        Received call from Raj this morning agreeing to compensate my repair cost. (GCD will contra this from the security company according to him) Told Raj that I will send for repair only after receiving the money from GCD and shall be tailing him till then……

      • wkchoo says:

        Gary, i got my cash this evening for the compensation. Hmmm…one thing off my head.

      • Gary Geh says:

        Excellent Choo. That is good news. Looks like GCD will compensate only if they are not paying for it (ie. deducted from NGF).

  5. Gary Geh says:

    Do we need to submit the form if we have already given our number to the security guards at the main guard house?

    How does the automated dialling system work? Will there be an automated voice informing us of a visitor? Will we have a chance to reject the visitor if it is not a valid visitor?

    • As I mentioned in the post, Security should only accept information on the prescribed form, which the owner signs and also state the relationship with others listed therein. I suppose they know who you are and have thus accepted your number but that should not be happening. Otherwise, Mr. A Rob can walk up to the guard and lay his plan for later that night.

      Thank goodness there is no automated voice. Every owner is assigned a code which the guard enters and the system dials the number(s) assigned to that code. Properly used, the guards should not know the owner’s contact numbers. This assumes there is a proper segregation of duties in the input process, like the guards should not have access to the input forms.

      The guard speaks to the owner. It could be argued that, sometimes, the machine can make more sense than the guard but that is another story.

      Yes owners can reject the visitor because he/she does not know the visitor. Owners may also reject visitors they know but would would rather not see, like a boring first cousin once removed.

      • Gary Geh says:

        Johann… just got a call from Raj via the new security telephone system. I have a few questions that I forgot to ask him as I was in a meeting hence in quite a hurry.

        1) What if you don’t pick up the phone because you’re in the shower (or similar), will the call be automatically forwarded to your second number? or is this a manual process?
        2) How many attempts will be made to contact you before rejecting the visitor?

        • The guard will punch the code for the second number and failing that the code for the third contact number (if provided). There is no auto dial function. Alas, system is not that savvy.

          The guards will make three attempts for permission. Ah, we can all shower in peace.

  6. Gary Geh says:

    Choo… let me know if you are successful in your claim for damages. I have a long outstanding claim that is unpaid for 1.5 years. I hope you are successful.

  7. wkchoo says:

    Hijack this thread to post comments.
    Just came back from dinner and got my car hit by the gantry gate at the main guard house. The gate was down before I passed thru and it dented my car top. What make me more angry was that all the guards just stood there like headless chicken and just talking to each others as there were changing shift. Scolded the guard whom man it as how the hell can this happened when he claimed he did not accidentally press the button. The KP(Ketua pengawal) arrive shortly (new shift) and told me that some of the gates were malfuntion and I told him if that was the case don’t use it and use the cone for the time being. I just spoken to all bunch of idiot guards as they just keep quite when I talked to them and Razali was also not around! I written down the incident and asked the KP to sign as witness as I will claim against GCD for the damages!!! Arghhhhh!!!

    • Please DEMAND to know where was Razali, assuming he was on duty at the time of your incident. Of late, Razali is unreachable during his shift. This reply is circulated to Ben, Bala and Raj.

    • Gary Geh says:

      Choo… let me know if you are successful in your claim for damages. I have a long outstanding claim that is unpaid for 1.5 years. I hope you are successful.

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