POS (not so) LAJU

GCD Security Management has informed the blog that there are still some problems in dealing with the employees of Pos Laju (“PL”) delivering mail/packages.

It is now a policy to treat all couriers like any visitor. However the men from PL are quite adamant that it is their company’s policy not to reveal the name of the recipient and the address to third parties. Consequently, GC’s security guards find themselves between a rock and a hard place. And here is the bizarre thing – the PL men would leave a notification (of unsuccessful delivery) at the guardhouse and for our security guard to later deliver the note to the intended recipient, the PL men would need to write the name and the address of the intended recipient! So what about PL’s policy to safeguard state secrets? The PL men would normally leave and not bother to wait a short while for the guard to call the recipient, citing the need to make other deliveries, which is valid though.

Thank goodness other couriers do not present such a problem.

Now you know what  happened if you receive a yellow card from PL despite having people at home to receive your package or mail.

GCD will write to PL to explain our security procedure so this problem can hopefully be resolved. Will PL stay stuck on stupid?

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  1. boyscout2b says:

    I had this experience about a week ago. One of the Malaysian guard (En Shah) explained the bizarre situation. I think this is just plain arrogance (petulance?) on the part of Poslaju delivery personnel. We should check with PosMalaysia if there is even such a ridiculous policy!

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