GCROA-GCD Meeting – Feb 16, 2012

The short notes on this meeting can be downloaded from the box.net widget at the top of the right sidebar.

A brief commentary on this meeting:

The meeting started with the presence of key representatives from Glenmarie Asset Management (GAM) and New Generation Force (employed by GAM). The food chain is thus: GCD —–GAM——NGF.  GAM explained that they have an auxiliary police division that can give training to key persons and the guards they wish to keep. We emphasized the need for them to follow the SOP and provided examples of occurrences when common sense was not applied. We gave NGF notice that as residents we are ultimately their paymasters and we will ask for their removal if we judge that they are not up to the job. We also advised them to record incidents where residents have acted improperly and we will help them deal with the persons involved.

GCD confirmed that the new access system shall be fully operational by 1 april, 2012. The CCTV cameras shall also be fully functioning by the same date and all residents shall updated car stickers soon. We touched on the ‘old tag for new card’ swap and there was no objection from GCD. We need to talk further on this and decide on the pricing for the new cards for new residents. Also we are likely to have every person above the age of 12 carry an access card with a photograph embedded in it as an identity tool to gain access into the club house facilities in due course.

The new club house is delayed yet again. GCD stated that the RM2.2 million contract should be awarded by 1 March, 2012 and works to begin by the middle of that month. This matter needs to be monitored closely and may require the tightening of some screws by residents.

GCD is receptive to the need to rectify the poorly designed boat ramp at Seri Santai. Cost is  obviously a factor to be considered but it was emphasized to the COO that the developer cannot simply cross its arms and say , “sorry, we made a mistake” and leave it at that.  GCD must rectify the ramp and put it to good use. This is really a bone for the boat owners to pick on, but these residents may have bought properties in GC because of easy access  into the Sungai Langat. Now they cannot even launch a small sampan where riverside resort living was the catch phrase.

The curved path makes it extremely difficult to reverse a trailer into the water. The part that straightens out into the water (red lined) does not offer protection against the possibility that the boat trailer may veer off the runway. Also the incline is far too shallow and silt gets piled on after every tidal exchange.

I think the ramp can be rectified and I have made some sketches which the engineers seem to agree with but since I am not a civil engineer or a construction specialist, I’d better let the experts do the talking.

Here is the video referred by YFYin:

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8 Responses to GCROA-GCD Meeting – Feb 16, 2012

  1. Gary Geh says:

    Hi Johann, I’m unable to see the box.net widget on the top right. What do I need to do? Or do you have a copy of the meeting minuted, that you could email to me? Cheers…

    • I have emailed it to you.

      My Ipad2 does not display the widget and would love to hear from anyone to the contrary. Ipad is not a surprise as there are so many applications which are not allowed to be run on it. What operating system are you on?

      I’m still searching for a fix and can’t find anything that helps.

  2. wkchoo says:

    What or has any action taken on the guard/s that floated the SOP as highligted earlier ie taken and called the tel. number on a female visitor??

  3. ichtus17 says:

    There are lots of plans and requirements of boat ramps as well as how to build one which is serviceable 24/7 whether the tide is high or low…. . Just google it up….. but I do hope GCD will spend the money and build a proper and PERMANENT one this time (between P 3 and P4?), not just a repair job on the present one.

    • There is no provision for a boat ramp between P3 and P4. There is talk of one at the far end of P4 but if you look in the latest sales brochure there is no description of such a facility. This is where some kind of a tussle going on between GCD and the squatters in that location. Court action may be the only way to resolve the dispute but that means long delays. Politicians tend to raise their ugly heads whenever there is a squatter problem.

      Better to join hands to force a rebuild of the current location instead of wishing for pie in the sky.

  4. yfyin says:

    Besides having a wide and straight ramp, there should be a dock on both sides or one side of the ramp so that the boat can be tied to the dock when the owner went parking his car after launching. It is also very useful for launching a boat alone.
    You can see what I mean by viewing this video from the website :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1N27s9O3Mw.
    It should be very practical.

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