Shall we migrate?

Anba asked, Monday Feb 13, 2012:

Is there any way we can upload pictures and videos to post in the Blog together with our comments. I would like to post pictures on Guards on duty sleeping and also the boom gate wide open with no guards present.

I also would like to suggest, the following blog to be access only by GCD and Glenmarie Cove residence, we don’t want our problems with the GCD been read by non residence of Glenmarie Cove.

WordPress Access Control is a plugin designed to integrate into membership sites where certain pages, posts and custom post types should only be available to members of the site.  However, a plugin like this is only applicable to self-hosted blogs and web sites using the software. Plugins are not allowed at for various security reasons. Self-hosting is technically more demanding (not a problem) and will cost money (not sure how much). There is another solution. More on this later ….

For now you can embed videos from approved sites like YouTube  when you leave comments on any blog. The video you want to embed must of course be first uploaded to YouTube. There are many sites that offer conversion to FLV format for free if you need it.  This link shows you how to embed the video:

The following video is an example. It features the popular Japanese song, Subaru (Star), sung during the opening of World Expo 2010 by the man who wrote it in 1980, Shinji Tanimura:

The same song sung by the late Teresa Teng in Japanese and Cantonese:

Update: 16 Feb 2012

At, images are still not allowed in comments presumably because commentators could insert very large images that could slow down the site or worse destroy the layout. I think this problem can be overcome with an automatic re-size function but is slow to respond. For now, if you want to add an image to your comment, send me the image via email ( or insert the URL for the image in the comment. I can easily add the image by editing your comment in the blog’s dashboard.

Ng emailed the following suggestion:

Not sure if we can shift GCROA discussions to forum based.

It would be easier to browse through, especially previous posts. Also,
we can set proper security settings on topics that’s only viewable by
members. For example, we dont want these security issues become known
to outsiders

I created one, at

May be you can post a new post in wordpress and ask response from members?

Members  need to log in to view, comment or post topics.  An administrator will handle the membership approval process and he needs to know have a database of all prospective members.

Please comment on Ng’s proposal.

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