Family Day 2012: Update IV – more donors!

This is a quick update on Family Day Donations. We have collected a total of RM1620 thus far. There’s a bit more to come from people who have pledged

We thank the following residents  for their generosity (I hope I have the spellings correct):




Jenny Bekink, Jolene Teh, Janice Kwong, Ann Tan, Kamaruzama Baba, Rozita Husain, Mohd Izar bin Mohd Zulkifli, Surya Hidayat, Alfred, Jothi Lakshmi, Chong Kim Foong, Ahmad Saidi, Hansen,Vinsen, Lisa, Choo, Gary Geh, Yin, Anba, Jaime Tan

Thank you all so much.

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