Family Day 2012: Update III – Loosen Thy Wallet

With 8 days to go, just where are we in our quest for RM1000 of donations for a more sumptuous food spread?

Well, we have obtained RM550, thanks to the following kind hearts:

P1 – Chew

P2 – Anba, Choo, Hasbiah & Yin

I have been informed that Hasbiah and Janice Poh (Damar Bayu 1 & 3B) are intending to organize a street drive for more contributions.

I think we’ll get there by the 17th and if more folks are willing to loosen their wallets it won’t feel like pulling teeth.

There are also donations for  prizes and cruise expenses. We are all set to roll.

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4 Responses to Family Day 2012: Update III – Loosen Thy Wallet

  1. Tan JaiMe says:

    Yeah… I’d like to know how to donate as well? Also who to contact if I wanna join as member? Is membership on a per person basis or per household?

    • The easiest way is to call or sms Sharmila (012 216 4555) and she will advise you. I assure you she can’t wait to hear from you!

      To join the GCROA, you need to fill up an application form which is obtainable from the * *widget at the top of the right side bar. Please note that IPAD does not support this widget. New members pay RM110 made up of entrance fee of 50 and annual subscription of 60. Cheque payable to GCROA – in full. Send the documents to the GCROA Treasurer, Albert Mok, residing at 12A, Damar Laut 2A.

      That was the hard way. The easiest way is to join on Family Day and make payment by cash or cheque. Membership is by person whose name will be entered into the register and generally speaking applies to the household.

  2. Gary Geh says:

    Sharmila has not replied my email. Was just wondering how do you donate, on that day? M2U? At sri santai?

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