What’s happening?

The signboard below was erected a couple of days ago, tucked right at the bend as you enter from the Pulau Indah Expressway. You will have to slow down to get all of it, if you don’t mind the huge lorry right on your tail. Well, it is now brought to you courtesy of Sony R1, the first semipro digital camera using CMOS chip and in excess of 10 megabytes. It’s a dinosaur now but still useful. Nowadays, a pocket Lumix can deliver 12 MB (or more?).

Check this out.

I have asked GCD for more info via email to satisfy inquiring minds:

Shall be grateful if someone can provide lucid information on the activities disclosed on this signboard, specifically:

  1. Will the upgrade works include the provision of traffic lights at the entrance and thus the speed bumps will no longer be needed? Otherwise what is the nature of the upgrade works?
  2. Where is Lot 19 and what is the proposed development on Lot 19?

Let’s hope all the above will enhance this area. Lot 19 the clubhouse?

Meanwhile, the request for the speed bumps was forwarded to the MPK Engineering Department on Feb 2 for it to determine that we really have a need for the bumps. I hope the investigating official sees what we see.

Update Feb 8, 2011 by Ben Yeoh, COO GCD

For now, (we) can forget about Lot 19, this was the previous ancient master title for almost all of GCD development which has since been subdivided etc into precinct 1,2 etc.

We had previously submitted plans to upgrade Jalan Teluk Gong:-

1st stage

–        widen to 2 lanes in and 1 lane out

2nd stage

–        widen to 2 lanes in and 2 lanes out in future ( this ties up with our development across the road ie at Precinct 5)  

Drawings were submitted to JKR to the above effect

However towards the end of last year, we were informed by JKR that the entire stretch of Jln Teluk Gong will be upgraded by the government under the 10thMalaysia Plan(10MP) . This will cover some 12.5 km of road.

Hence we were asked to only commence minor road resurfacing works near the turn off from the highway, together with a reshape of the access road leading into the shoplots. The installed signboard is for the above works.

Correspondingly, JKR is also constructing a new expressway from Pulau Indah to eventually hook up to the KLIA expressway. The connection at Pulau Indah is somewhere near the Marina jetty. I guess since Jln Teluk Gong is perpendicular to the above new expressway from Pulau Indah, there might be some sort of interchange at Jln Teluk Gong as Jln Teluk Gong is already hooked up to North Port and West Port and the Kesas Highway. We have been trying to get the masterplanlayout from JKR on this new 10MP but have not been successful so far, but will keep trying.

I am not sure about the traffic lights in view of the new 10th Malaysia Plan upgrade of Jalan Teluk Gong coming up. For the time being, I would imagine that they will consider the speed bumps.

Trust the above is helpful.


Best regards




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7 Responses to What’s happening?

  1. shirleepoel says:

    Complaints from the factories? It is their bl&*^%$#y lorry that are damaging the roads. Saw a new gouge at the side already! Am pleased that my poor clunky car is not anymore being clunkered by the horrible road mess some days back (thought my car suspension would be left behind and btw, i had a puncture ,picking up a 8 ” hard rod which went all the way right into the tyre, which then again could probably have been caused by some Mcguyver lorry truck drivers, making do a door jam with such wire and with the rattling that went on , it just so happened to see my car before it decided to pop onto the road so that i could bl#$%^&dy well drive over it. With so much dust and debris, can hardly see any elephant on the road even if one should decide to sit one there ! Complaints, what complains, i have plenty !

  2. dl2a15 says:

    Today’s Sin Chew Metro reported government are allocating 20mil to upgrade Jalan Teluk Gong from entrance till some kampung inside.

    Felt that the existing upgrade by GCD is a waste..


  3. rlshawnie says:

    I wonder if this is the way how existing roads are being upgraded??? Given the heavy traffic on Jalan Teluk Gong, I would think a temporary lane should have being created to divert traffic, thus upgrading road can proceed unimpeded from dashing (oops! crawling) vehicle. Not to mention the amount of dust being blown all over the place thanks to current weather condition. Trees already have a layer of greyish dust coated on its’ leaves. Think of all the semi-dees nearest to that road. Even my house is not spared from the dust menace (minimal but noticeable). And mine is lagoon side. My heart goes out to those semi-dees, must be horrendous.

    • I can’t see the space for a temporary lane to be laid. The shoulder is soggy and narrow in parts and I think would be costly to prepare.

      Complaints have been lodged about the dust. Perhaps they should have watered the area intermittently to reduce the dust. We were told by the JKR official last Friday that he was a hair’s breadth away from issuing a stop order to GCD for the poor traffic management plan. I hope Guna had relayed this to Azman.

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  5. ichtus17 says:

    Last Thursday, we saw that the road surface turning into Teluk Gong was thoroughly gouged and we hoped it was to prepare the road for resurfacing. Coming back from Penang tonight, the road was a mess of potholes, caused, we guess, by the heavy rain, the high traffic and the contractor not doing his job.
    Perhaps, like our Senangin pier, the road should be closed?.:-(

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