Family Day 2012: Update II (Help!)

Dear Residents,

The event management company has pleaded with us that we should increase our budget for the food outlay and we do agree. Presently it is RM8 per head and this company says the spread does not look good.

We are simply unable to increase the budget to RM12 per head without financial assistance and I hereby request for aid in the form of cash donations from residents. The target is to raise RM1000 (250 pax x RM4) and we’ll get there if, say, 20 people are willing to shell out  RM50 each.

Kindly contact Sharmila ( / 012-2164555) if you wish to donate.


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5 Responses to Family Day 2012: Update II (Help!)

  1. yfyin says:

    Dear Johann,

    I am not a member yet, to join GCROA member, what is the Rm60 annual subscription use for , can you enlighten me.

    • shirleepoel says:

      Hi Vfvin,
      Johan mentioned that we are only 59 members, x 60 that brings us to 3,540 ringgit a year. So far, they’ve had the lantern festival, then the halloween , Xmas, Chinese new year etc etc…I am sure some of the money would have been used (not taking into account donations/contributions from residents invovled which helped to make any event possible at all) , .
      I wonder how is one to pay for the magician let alone the other miscellaneous costs?
      I am assuming that most of the other costs i.e. lucky draw prizes, food and drinks will be sponsored by kind hearted residents. What about the rental of chairs and tables?
      Pray to the mighty one above that it will be a dry spell or else tents woud be needed…the list/cost will just pile up.. in this case…money no enough

  2. shirleepoel says:

    My two cents worth…we are going to be paying $10 per head for each guest we bring right? To make it easier…each member pays as well $5.00.then one sees it, those members attending pays $5.00 With the collection, am sure it will be more than enough? . Am sure the residents won’t mind (I don’t) because I am sure they splurge more than that on their coffee at starbucks or whatnots).

    • I think we’ll leave it as a voluntary gesture.

      Taking your cue, we will have a *donations box *set up on that day so anyone attending the event, member or not, can donate whatever amount he or she wants to. It will help fund other activities later this year.

      I take this opportunity to implore residents who are not members to join the GCROA so we become a larger family and be able to act as a cohesive community especially in matters that affect us all. The annual subscription is only RM60, yet many residents do not join. It can be frustrating at times, doing things that benefit the whole community but the low number of members (59) makes me wonder if this is all worthwhile.

      • shirleepoel says:

        sorry Johan, didnt mean to answer Vfvin for you. Infact i was not aswering on your be but for myself , just needed to stress a point which a lot of people forget to take into account. I speak for myself, my “kid” is already 25, i am not involved in any way with the events cos either i am away or i do not have little kiddos to tug my skirts demanding to go or to watch their faces light up when they are having fun……but i can imagine the impact of not enough funds etc etc to host events. So.. if you ask me, paying $5 to attend by members (just to subsidize and the balance to c/f to another event) would not hurt their pockets…tell me where can you get a cup of coffee or drinks and a piece or more of cake, have some entertainment as well (rather having their kid/s entertained) for $5.00? Even ah pek round the corner wants more these days.. and he does not even want to bring out his magic wand even if you pay extra : )

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