Enemy at the Gate?

I dare say that most, if not all, residents would view the procedure to notify an owner whenever his visitors arrive as an important step to prevent unauthorized people coming in to execute a crime or whatever.

The last 2-3 weeks were pretty bad with hardly anyone receiving a call and there seemed nothing the developer could do to get their outgoing sub-contractor to perform this task. I suppose there is a lot of truth in the saying that you can only take the cow to the water.

Let’s count the lapses from now on.

If you have an unannounced visitor, do please notify this blog via this post or via email (info.gcroa@gmail.com) with some basic information like type of visitor (relative, contractor, supplier,others) number of persons who gave you a shock, date and time of occurrence and your house number. A list will be compiled each week and passed on to the security reps and GCD, forcing an account of these lapses. The information obtained can help trace the guard and supervisor on duty so the right heads get knocked, starting with GCD. Every purchaser has signed the Deed of Mutual Covenants wherein GCD is the security provider. The buck stops with GCD.

Perhaps a fine could be imposed on the guard company for every lapse that does not carry a justifiable reason. Hmmmmm.

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  1. Gary Geh says:

    I just got off the phone with Raj. Firstly, I should Thank Johann and Raj for prompt action to attend to the issue. Below are some of the learnings I gathered from my conversation with Raj on the issue of security personnel not calling owners.

    (1) Problem: Visitor calls the owner instead of the security personnel making the call.

    Scenario: Visitor calls a friend and then passes the phone to security personnel. The security officer having seemingly spoken to a random person (supposedly to be the owner) on the other line, obtains approval over the phone and allows entry.

    Action: Security must call owner and not allow the visitor to make the call (unless the security phone is not in working order)

    (2) Problem: Security phone not working

    Actions: Have the visitor call the owner and the security guard speak to the owner to verify with
    some questions
    – Please could you verify your home address?
    – Please could you verify your contact number?
    – Are you expecting a visitor from Rentokil Sdn. Bhd.? OR Are you expecting a visitor by the name of John Doe?

    3) Problem: Security personnel calls the wrong number and speaks to the owner of the wrong house and obtains approval to allow the visitor to enter and visit a different house.

    Action: Security personnel should ask some verification questions when making calls
    – Please could you verify your home address?
    – Please could you verify your contact number?
    – Are you expecting a visitor from Rentokil Sdn. Bhd.? OR Are you expecting a visitor by the nameof John Doe?

    This procedures should be in a handbook for the security personnel to follow until they remember it.

    if the owner is doubts the call, then have the security personnel meet the owner half way and
    mention the partial address/contact number and have the owner complete the blanks. If done politely I dont see why the owner should mind. I strongly suggest that each owner saves the security phone number in their phone so that when a call comes from the security phone, you will be prepared.

    These are few of the problems/reasons why owners don’t receive calls.

    • Thanks Gary for your comments.

      Your case was brought up by me on Feb 16 as an example of the general slowness when investigating incidents.

      In the case of Problem 1, we told Raj was that it is simply not acceptable for a visitor to call the owner directly because how would the guard know the true identity of the person at the other end of the line? To let this happen is like asking a fox to guard the hen-house.

      In the case of Problem 2, we have asked the NGF representative to equip their guards with a company-paid mobile phone. The questions you have framed can help, but the same questions could also be applied in Problem 1 before too long. I have long ago suggested to Raj a script be written for the guards but I wii not be surprised if this has not been done by NGF. It is rather frustrating.


  2. Tan JaiMe says:

    I had a rather funny experience just recently.

    The security called up to inform of a ‘Abdul Wahab’ coming. Both hubby & I were scratching our heads, we can’t recall ever knowing a person by that name. So we asked for further information, until the guard finally passed the phone to the guy and he said:’Courier service la.’ lol…

  3. Gary Geh says:

    13th Feb 2012, 11am – homenet sdn bhd came over without a call from security

    14th Feb 2012, 1pm – elegant screens sdn bhd came over without a call from security

  4. rlshawnie says:

    Knowing and experiencing the declining quality of the security services is bad enough, but to read the posting by calvindb2 about the h/p no incident is ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE. This must be strongly emphasize at coming meeting with GCD. HEAD MUST ROLL!!! Don’t wait till unwanted incident to happen to act!

  5. calvindb2 says:

    Johann, do we have enough incidences to take them up with Guna/Raj and the security company? Coz I have another case that happened late afternoon today. I don’t want to be seen as flogging a dead horse.

    Visitors just had to say that they are doing a quick pickup of resident, and the guards will let them through. Simple as that.

    I have a feeling that most guards are afraid to upset the residents to the extend they are quick to discard the SOP the minute residents show displeasure.

    Guna/Raj should advise them to stand their ground and if it means upsetting some residents, ask the residents to take it up with the office.

    • Calvin,

      If you any information regarding an instance where a guard has dispensed with the SOP, please bring it forward so Guna/Raj is able to confront the guard company and rectify the shortcoming. If the problem encountered is a serious one, like the guard who made mischievous use of a mobile number improperly obtained, we could and GCD has indeed asked for the removal of the guard.

      One problem companies like NGF face is high staff turnover, the result of long hours and unattractive salaries. Consequently new hires may not be receiving adequate training before the are let loose at the post. By copy of this comment to Guna and Raj, I hope they will pay close attention to the quality of the guards posted here. There are at least a couple of guards who appear to me to have been grabbed off the street and planted here out of desperation to put a body there.

      I will request that the head of the guard company be present at next week’s GCD-GCROA meeting so that he is clear in his head that we mean business when we demand that the SOP be followed at all times. If NGF does not perform to our satisfaction, residents who in essence pay for their service, will demand their removal. At this juncture, I have to say their performance is acceptable but incidents brought up by you underscore there is much more improvements that could be made. Thank you for your input.

      I have witnessed rudeness by owners towards these new guards and I just wish GCD could video these incidents as I am prepared to play these videos in the blog. Developing ……….

      • rlshawnie says:

        Hi Johann,
        As much as we see (read) a lot of “a finger” pointing at the fault of others, I am also aware that there are always four fingers that are pointing back at us. Sometimes problem that arises are cause by other mitigating circumtances that are overlooked which might seems trivial at that moment.
        A case in point is this current issue:-
        – With the changing of security company, (a fundamental issue of us being here, mind you) I’m of the opinion that GCD should issue circular to all households.
        – not everybody read this blog or drop by at sri santai on a regular basis to look out for latest news.
        – could it be this misinformation or lack of it, that some residents let their frustration at the guard? which I don’t condone or advocate, I might add…
        – I am not implying that GCD send circulars on every single issue that crop up, just those that fundamentally effect the daily usage/implementation of the facilities.
        ok, enough of my ‘cheong hei’…:-) just a thought to ponder…

        • You have a good point and a very frustrating one for me personally. You mentioned the need for circulars that fundamentally affect the daily usage/implementation of the facilities. Let me tell you a story.

          About 3 months ago, we had a meeting with GCD on the policies and guidelines on the usage of the Senangin jetty, gym and swimming pool at Seri Santai. The discussion centered on the need to ensure that only residents and their guests are allowed to use the facilities. Guests must be accompanied by residents and children under 13 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times. Things like that. To prevent overcrowding it was also agreed that there should be a limit of three guests per household. I even drafted the damn notice for GCD. Three months later this notice or an amended notice thereof if they wish to alter my draft has yet to see the light of day. And it is not that I have failed to remind them.

          So what gives? You try to help them do their job and nothing happens. Thus it is still okay if you bring a dozen guests to use the swimming pool because officially there is no notice regarding a limit on the number of guests.

          Now can you imagine what potential purchasers might think of this place if they read comments like this? I want to help build value but it is sometimes hard to contain the frustration.

          This response is copied to GCD management as yet another reminder. But please do not hold your breadth.

          • Gary Geh says:

            if anyone can remember the days when prism were the security guards and the captain was in charge. If the quality was like that, would be good.

      • anbaharan says:


        The following happen today between 1:30pm to 2:00pm, a delivery truck was delivering items to my house, and he was able to enter into Glenmarie Cove and waiting for me at my house. I did not receive any calls for the security authorising the truck to come into the residential area.

        I did question the security personnel at the boat house on duty, and there was no records on the truck coming in and out from Glenmarie Cove. The Security guard was very rude in replying to my questions.

        I reported the following to Mr Raj, and he confirmed to look into this an get back to me by Monday.

        I’m highlighting the following to show the deteriotion on the level of security in Glenmarie Cove.



        • It also happened to me yesterday around the same time when a courier rang me to say he was in front of my house. Fortunately I was about 10 minutes from home so I told him to wait for me at the guardhouse. I called Raj to the guardhouse to determine once and for all why this had happened because only the day before Raj had informed me that couriers like DHL/UPS/SKYNET will be treated like any other visitor. Was yours a courier as well?

          Anyway, the NGF senior guard was perplexed what the fuss because he treated my SkyNet delivery the same way Pos Laju is bring treated; a shoo-in. Somehow that was the culture for Pos Laju. Raj must have spoken to someone who was equally blur as Raj was. I can only hope that after the lecture, couriers and other delivery men wii be treated like any visitor.

          I have mentioned to Raj before that GCD is our principal service provider and all other outfits are merely their sub-contractors. The buck stops with GCD. The lack of follow up to ensure what was told to me was in fact happening on the ground shows that Raj does not have a good grasp of why he is working in Glenmarie Cove. It also demonstrates a failing of Raj’s superior to see that things are working out well. The fish rots from the head. We may have to demand the removal of staff, however senior, if things do not improve.

  6. calvindb2 says:

    This is hot from the oven, so to speak. It is now 12.17am 10th Feb.

    My daughter’s friends just came by and they did something naughty. Three of them came in a car. At the guard house, one of them pointed to the back passenger and said resident, and the guard just let them through. WITHOUT checking for car sticker or tag!!! Just when you need security checks to be stricter in the night, the reverse is true!!! Sigh!!

  7. calvindb2 says:

    I have an upsetting incident to share. And this happened during the CNY period.

    Do you know that at the guard house, visitors are asked for their mobile numbers? I actually verified this by taking a look at the visitors’ registration book for myself.

    My daughter’s friend was asked for her mobile number after being told that the new procedure requires it. Having done that, she felt kind of suspicious so she asked my daughter why such a procedure was necessary.

    Anyway, the following day she received a call from a Malay speaking guy trying to get to ‘know’ her. She managed to find out the guy’s name during the ‘conversation’. Having obtained the guy’s name and the mobile number, my daughter checked with the guard house and managed to trace it to one of the guards.

    Guna/Raj must stress to the security company that their guards must be ethical enough NOT to abuse the visitors’ details.

    And perhaps in the next GCROA-GCD meeting, we should get Raj/Guna to review the registration process. Isn’t it sufficient to have the visitor’s name and ic no/driving lic no (depending whether IC or driving license is rendered for the registration)? Will anyone with ill-intention provide their actual phone number? And how can the guard verify if it is valid? Impractical right? So then, why bother?

    • Thank you for highlighting this case. It is certainly an abuse. I suppose you have notified Raj who the guard is because we can try to have this guard removed from duty at Glenmarie Cove. We have to demonstrate we do not condone nonsense.

      This comment is copied to Raj and Guna. They really need such information to act against the guard company.

      • wkchoo says:

        Please keep us inform on the progress. Action must be taken and we shall not condone to this.

      • anbaharan says:

        Is there any way we can upload pictures and videos to post in the Blog together with our comments. I would like to post pictures on Guards on duty sleeping and also the boom gate wide open with no guards present.

        I also would like to suggest, the following blog to be access only by GCD and Glenmarie Cove residence, we don’t want our problems with the GCD been read by non residence of Glenmarie Cove.

    • dl2a15 says:

      Hi all,
      I stay in Precinct 1, with the back of my house a stone throw away from the Precinct 1 boom gate.

      I have one experience to share, on Wednesday 8th Feb, late night, around 11pm. After my family went upstair to rest, the guard manning the boom gate approached my maid. Ask for some drinking water… my maid told him to wait, said she need to ask madam first. After hearing this, the guard straight away say no and ran away…
      This is in fact the second similar incidents. My maid also shared that she saw the guards been chatting with my neighbour’s maid…

      Perhaps I am over sensitive, but it seems that we have a few Romeos in the new team. Been hearing/reading a lots romance story between guards and house maids, we dont know what will happen next…


      • Amorous guards seem to be present at every gated and guarded community. LOL yeah. You want to know what may happen next? Well, if the maid is amorous too, it is likely that the employer will be reporting a runaway maid.

        Seriously, we will bring up this issue at next week’s GCR-GCROA meeting.

      • wkchoo says:

        Dear committees members, most of the complaints here were already forwarded to GCD’s security (specifically Raj) and please don’t let them hoodwink us by “saying we will investigate and look into it”!! Action should had been taken days ago when it was reported and GCD is now famous for dragging their feet (or should i say GCD has always been like that). Please inform them the residents here want to see some immediate actions taken and we wanted to be made aware of it too, period.

  8. rlshawnie says:

    Last saturday (4th febuary) I left very early (6 am) and am surprise to find the first barrier (at the precinst side) open with the guard slump snoozing. Not sure if it’s just a catnap or a long ‘walk’ to la la land, he did not lift his head up as I pass.
    The fact that there is a second barrier to cross is beyond the point. Every check point existed serves a purpose, right? Hope the power that be take note on this!!

  9. Gary Geh says:

    9 Feb 2012: Pos Laju visited me without a call from security
    19 Jan 2012: Canopy vendors visited me without a call from security.

    I have left 2 contact numbers with the security personnel at “boat house” (main security office) prior to this.

    Although these are valid visitors. Would appreciate a call as per security procedure. What if an unwanted visitor shows up, and worse, in proper attire / uniform?

    • wkchoo says:

      Yes, come to think of it I had on few occassion received parcels (pos laju and others couriers co) and no call from the guards. Maybe it is a standard procedure to allow the delivery man to enter without calling us? What about postman, utilities meter readers etc ? Please enlighten us.

    • rlshawnie says:

      Hi Gary,
      I understand that personnel from public services, ie postal services, utilities company do not require resident acknowledgement to gain excess to the GC. Nevertheless am concern about the canopy vendors though.
      Regarding the contact numbers notification, I was told by the “boat house” personnel (when I did the same notification as you) that any additional numbers given will only take effect AFTER it is updated in the systems (at the santai office). If your notification is prior to a weekend or holiday, too bad. Got to wait to the following working day! Talk about red tape!!!

      • I have little doubt that personnel from utility companies like Syabas and TNB will be asked to produce their work ID for verification.

        For couriers like DHL and UPS their men should be treated like any other visitor. The property owner should be informed that there is a courier at the gate and asked if the courier could be allowed in. If the property owner is curious to know more he can deal directly with the delivery person. I suspect the guards may be a bit lax here treating couriers like utilities’ men. I have asked the Security Manager for confirmation of the SOP.

  10. Wah! So good ah. No complaints? Sure not?

  11. rlshawnie says:

    Good to hear this. Hopefully the year of the dragon brings more improvement in our neighbourhood.

  12. wkchoo says:

    Bravo to the guards ! I received calls from them on my relatives visit just now. Good work!!

  13. wkchoo says:

    Yup excellent idea!! I’m expecting my relatives this afternoon and shall see if I get call fron the guards.

  14. santok1950 says:

    Excellent idea. Perhaps we could keep lists of other problems as well, like contractors working outside permitted hours etc.

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