You have an ID?

Until the new access system becomes available, all residents are required to display an approved ID to facilitate verification by the new guards upon entry and exit.

For residents who have a car sticker, this will suffice. Those who do not must display the access tag. In the unusual situation where a resident is unable to furnish either ID tool, he/she shall be treated
like a visitor and be required to present his/her identity card for verification by the guard against the list of owners/residents provided by GCD to the guard company.

GCD security department will do the necessary followup with the resident to determine why he/she does not have an access tag at the very least.

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8 Responses to You have an ID?

  1. Gary Geh says:

    Security checks on stickers or access cards should also be done at the boom gates to the precints and not just at the main guard house. This would be an additional security step and would also give the guards something to to at that station besides just pressing the boom gate button. Anyway when the system was up and running, we also had to wave our access cards to enter a particular precint.

  2. wkchoo says:

    What’s the next action (remedy) after taking down the particulars? Nothing I presumed. I urged all residents take simple proactive action like Arvin, YFyin, Rishawnie,Santok, Shirlee etc to spare little time to highlight problems concerning our communities here so that our beloved GCROA commitees members have the much needed bullets to shoot!! It’s only us that will make this a great home for our family right?

  3. rlshawnie says:

    Once upon a time not too long ago in the distance past, we use to boast of a tight security system that might rival the likes of fort knot, but helaas….it’s getting bad to worst as the days goes by…..
    Let’s hope that the current interim measures are communicated to all concerns, ie. residents and people manning the security to ensure a reasonable level of security is maintain until a permanent solution is decided. 1st April as I understand it! Hopefully it’s not April fool 🙂

    • wkchoo says:

      We should be able to know if the date line of 1st April will be met by checking the initial progress ie have GCD get the quotation on 1/2/12 as stated? We shall keep on pressing so that the cow or donkey will move!!

  4. Arvin Menon says:

    just a note.. Last week one of my friend drove all the way to Precint 2, picked up another friend of mine and came into Precint 1 to visit me. He was not stopped by the new security guards at any point. Just because he drives a BMW doesn’t mean they can assume he is a resident. I’ve informed Razali on this matter and he took down all the particulars. I’m quite worried with the current security situation where all the gates are open at all times and this new guards seems to recognise our cars even when we don’t display the sticker / tag…

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