GCROA-GCD Joint Meetings

GCROA and GCD expect to meet regularly on the first Thursday in each month to discuss and update on issues that affect the well-being of the residents of Glenmarie Cove.

The ‘shorthand’ minutes of the meeting held on December 19, 2011 can be downloaded from the box.net widget on the right sidebar. Henceforth all such minutes shall be made available in this box.

There is no meeting in January 2012.

The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, February 2, 2012. We welcome any comments or questions.

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14 Responses to GCROA-GCD Joint Meetings

  1. In case anyone is wondering why there has been no update, the meeting that was scheduled for Feb 2 was postponed by GCD to Feb 16.

    • wkchoo says:

      There are committees meeting, GCROA -GCD meeting, what about member’s meeting? Are the rest of members meet only in AGM held once a year?

      • Click on “GCROA Rules” in the blog and scroll down to section 7 (Annual General Meeting and EGM’s) and you will find all you need to know.

      • wkchoo says:

        Yup, seen it and its either AGM or EGM. Can’t we have an informal meeting among members and it doesn’t required all the “rules”. It’ll be more productive than having going thru with the EGM procedures. We will get many more feedbacks from members this way, good or bad.

        • Informal meetings may of course be held anytime, anywhere and can be a useful forum indeed. Organize one if you feel like it but other members would appreciate some idea of what you want to discuss.

          An EGM needs to be held if a resolution is to be carried. An example would be a change in the Rules of the Association.

      • wkchoo says:

        The committees shall take the lead on this (informal gathering) and maybe held it every quarterly. There are many issues (current and past) to be discussed and more feedbacks can be obtained to further improve our communities, enhanced communication among members with committees. Not everyone is comfortable in writing and posting in blog or email. I have no specific topics in mind but just suggesting to go with the flow if we really want improve.

  2. yfyin says:

    In the meeting on 2nd February, please ask the developer to give us in detail the progress of this CF application, so far , I have never seen any MPK staff coming for inspection, I am also very anxious about the development of the club house which we do not receive any update from developer as well.
    So far everything said by developer are all delayed.

  3. yfyin says:

    When is the second jetty be ready?, Developer said it will be ready in last October 2011 but at this present moment, it has been locked up for more then 2 months already.

  4. rlshawnie says:

    Question: Are there any changes in recent times on the manner of entry and exit?
    I notice that they fiddle something at the boom gate entry to precinct one yesterday. Since then it looks like the guard is manually opening the boom gate. Is the excess card now redundant? In fact the boom gate was wide open since New Year eve! Why the residents are not informed of such changes? I did not see any such posting here either?

    • According to GCD, some access cards in P1 are able to activate the boom gate while other owners are not so lucky. The guards scurry like rabbits from one end to the other in view of the uncertainty. The push button is a sure fire thing, at least until the button spring mechanism wears out.

      The access tag is pretty much redundant in my view. P2 is strictly a push button case. I think if there is one place on earth my tag can be used, it will be the gate at Senangin Pier. I haven’t been there for a while so my luck my have run out.

      I’ll say it again: The only way to resolve the access problem is a brand new system and we look forward to April 1 for this. Please keep your fingers crossed and be prepared to take our gloves off if this does not happen.

      Lastly, kindly note that I administer this blog on a volunteer basis and GCD’s communication skills are poor. Everything you read does not fall on my lap when I wake up. I have to go ask/beg for it and the legwork too as in the signature drive for the speed bumps. It will help if people bother to comment or email the blog, like you have done, with questions or information and I will go find the answer.

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