Where are the men in blue?

It was announced in this blog last month that Jerai Security Services Sdn Bhd will be the sole provider of guard services in Glenmarie Cove from about now. But there is no sign of more men in blue. What we see instead over the past few days are new guards in white shirts with crimson beret.

My enquiries reveal that Jerai is unable to meet the manning demands stipulated by Glenmarie Asset Management, the main service provider. Thus the sub-contract has been awarded to New Generation Force Sdn Bhd, a name that sounds right out of Hollywood. That perhaps explains the red beret.

The new guards do not seem as sharp as the outgoing Guardian guards. Salutes are mostly limp which is understandable for someone who has not cut his teeth in the army. But it is all about effectiveness so I hope they will do a good job guarding this community. Time will tell.

There have been no calls from the guardhouse informing arrival of visitors for the better part of two weeks, a case of waning enthusiasm on the part of Guardian guards. Let’s hope when the new lot are really up and running, the calls will resume.

Gong Xi Fa Cai to all the Chinese members of this community.

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  1. I am seriously concerned about the safety and security of Glenmarie Cove under the care of these men in red berets . Why, you may ask me? This is the same company that provides security to Glenmarie Golf & Country Club and it is my opinion that they do not meet the minimum standards of providing securityservices at the club . At the club although they can be seen all over, they are there as a show piece. Why I say this is because of some noticeable action and inaction such as follows :

    1) Guards at the car park area allow cars to be driven in the opposite direction on a one way road. They are probably too afraid to do anything since these cars may be Mercedes Benzes and other posh cars.

    2) There are a bunch of clowns at the guard house at the main entrance. They wave at anything that moves and allow everyone in without the slightest check. So much so that Glenmarie golf club is becoming more a public club than a prestigious club. Here you get visitors ie non-members who are allowed to use the driving range changing into their shorts in the car park! The guards at the guard house will usually be busy inside the guard house doing their things forgetting what their task and role is. Occasionally, they will wave at you while sitting down inside the guard house ie if you bother to turn and look into the guard house while driving through. Or they are lingering behind the guard house on their handphones instead of facing the front.

    At one period, the number of break-ins into cars at the car park were numerous although I am not sure what the rate is today. Nobody appears to take any action or are concerned on the quality of their service at the club. Well, not that I have seen any improvements . It would be good if some of you do your verification on this .

    As I understand it, N.G. Force Sdn Bhd is a third party service provider under the wings of DRB Group facilities management company. What this probably means is that where DRB has influence in a property they own or manage, you will probably find these men in red berets. Why does this happen to Glenmarie Cove ? It is probably because GC is is now managed by Glenmarie Properties (GC was previously under Comtrac Sdn Bhd). Although they are all DRB companies, but under a different management team . The previous management probably had good intentions of having more than one security firm for each precinct in order to have a check and balance while gauging the performances of the various security firm. What is of interest, (I stand to be corrected), is that you do not find these men in red berets at Glenmarie Properties HQ i.e. At Wisma DRB-HiCOM. Why is this so? Very simple, probably the service sucks! I think GCRA should query the management on the criteria of selection ie credentials of the company , whether by tender etc. This is of national interest to us since it is our family’s safety and security which we are talking about!

    Just the other day, during the first week of CNY, as I was walking past the precinct guard hut, I noticed the guard dozing off until a car came by and honked at him . I have never seen this happening with the previous Nepalese guards. They were always attentive and awake. The Nepalese guards takes the effort to wave and smile at you (whether they liked it or not) but in the current situation, the guards look at you as if you owe them a favor for opening the gates.I suppose these foreign nationals don’t have a choice since they are here to seek a livelihood .

    In all likelihood under the current situation, we have some guards where for the sake of having a ‘body’ , they are there to wave at you and everybody else in , period. And chances are we will see some of the same guards from Glenmarie Golf Club in our vicinity.
    I understand that GCRA has no say in the choice of guards but GCRA should ask management what are the residents warranty of getting a fair service, since we are paying for it, if it doesn’t achieve the level of service expected. Under the previous security firm, I have not heard of any serious incidents in the residential area. Let’s hope this continues . Without some assurance from management, I will certainly stop paying my monthly security fees if things don’t work out and nothing is done about it. I hope this does not become a monster which we eventually don’t have control of and residents will suffer. So far for me, it has been a fairly decent service provided although we may expect a lot more out from the guards. After all, it is a paid service by us. Some may say let’s give them a chance and I do hope they do well for our sake, but I am somewhat concerned since Malaysia sentiasa boleh! I am not here to put down any parties but I certainly do expect to get my two cents worth of service.
    A note of thanks to the committee of GCROA for their time and effort .

    • wkchoo says:

      Thanks for highlighting this and together we can prevent this from happening. Let’s all be proactive and make our stand. Please continue provide feedback in this blog or to GCROA on issues concerning this communities and we shall together making improvement for betterment of this lovely home.

  2. rlshawnie says:

    Whatever new system adopted to replace current one whereby any tools (ie cards or stickers) is required to gain excess into our own home are to be given to us FREE, period! The number of cards/stickers entitlement MUST be the same as the time we bought our home. We pay for maintenance and security, GCD are responsible to provide these services. If they (GCD) err in implementing a reliable services, we, the resident MUST NOT BE PENALISED for their mistakes. We should only pay if we choose to change a new security system from a current WORKABLE one, which obviously is NOT the case here.

    • I agree. Personally, I do not see a problem with a card for card swap and GCD will be foolish to challenge this. The thing to do now is we keep harping that the deadline for implementation must be adhered to failing which they can forget about issuing the next quarter’s bill (April to June), frankly. Are you going to pay?

  3. Gary Geh says:

    Johann… good call on the one for one card swap. Agree with boyscout’s concern on having to purchase new cards. Since we were not involved in the decision when GCD decided to have this non-sustainable access card system, I don’t think it’s fair for us to bear the cost.

  4. lionelsharon says:

    Hi Residents of GC
    First of all, “GONG XI FA CAI”!
    Back to business, this new group of guards need to be reminded of courtesy at all times as we do not want to offend any one, be it friend or foe! Yesterday, when we came back from our breakfast, this enthusiastic guard, came rushing out from the front side of the boathouse and could only say “tunjuk tag, tunjuk tag” no helloooo, no good morning…… so of course, our yours truly, kinda raised his voice a bit and told him “buka mata, tak boleh tengok ada tag di cermin, ada sticker pun! Buka mata dan tengok baik baik!” I end my story here!

  5. boyscout2b says:

    Does that mean the New access system will require us to buy new access cards. What about our existing access cards (costing $200 each)? Can we get GC to reimburse us? Otherwise have to write off – lah? I think a car sticker system is more cost effective and easily implemented.

    • The matter that you raised has yet to be discussed in depth between the GCROA Committee and GCD Management. Anyhow, it is timely that you ask about this and it will be useful for the Committee to know the opinions of residents on this matter.

      We rightfully feel aggrieved paying for something that in the end is a useless gadget. By the way, GCD provides two transponders free of charge and the RM200 applies to each additional piece required by the Purchaser. One thing residents should know is that the current transponder requires a battery and no battery is built to last forever. If the present system were to continue and the battery needs to be replaced it would cost in excess of RM100 per pop because it is not a simple case of DIY. Examine your defunct transponder to see what I mean. The new card costs much less, does not require a battery and will be effective from a few meters. So there is kind of a silver lining to the breakdown of the current system.

      Reimbursement is perhaps A Bridge Too Far but we can certainly have a go. Perhaps a straightforward card for card swap may be a satisfactory solution.

      Let’s have more views.

  6. wkchoo says:

    I had on two occassions visitors (my parent’s friends actually whom can’t read in English) just came in using the residents lane and the guards (Guardian) just let them in without any verification. I complained to Raj and he gave me the most pathetic answer. ” oh….we will change this existing guards very soon “. So i asked if this means it is free for all until the new guards arrived and he just said this will be solved. I rested my case then and sure hope this new “guards” don’t screw up and I will get back to him harder this time if receiving another stupid and pathetic answer.
    I’m taking this opportunity to wish the Chinese residents Happy and Prosperous New year ahead and eveybody huat ah!!!!

    • boyscout2b says:

      Change is in the air! I had Sony technicians come on 2 conecutive days this week and I was pleasantly surprised to receive a call on each instance from the boathouse to clear their visit. Good job, guys!. However, I have 2 further issues (1) our boys in blue sometime appear unkempt & unprofessional (no beret/collar opened/shirt untucked/sitting on the grass eating their meals) (2) they don’t salute residents (like the previous Nepali guards). Can we also do something about the unsightly rubbish accumulating along the wire fencing behind GCD’s shopunits (dumped by foreign workers living/lounging in the shopunits)?

  7. rlshawnie says:

    It’s not so bad if one does not have to many guarded communities homes or belong to too many clubs (thus not having too many stickers plastered all over the windshield) like yours truly. It can be quite a stunt to see through all the stickers if it were plastered on the right of the windshield(driver side).

  8. shirleepoel says:

    Hi All,

    I wonder would it help to change the position of our stickers to the right side windshield? (though people tend to stick all stickers and whatnots all in their neat rows on the left side) . Guilty, yes, i do drive quite close to the barrier to get them to “open” quick quick. By the way, when will we be getting our “new card” system? The one which was proposed. The one which we have to manually tap to activate the boom?

  9. rlshawnie says:

    On reflection, I do notice a certain lack of alertness of the guard/s at the boathouse post. I practically stop at the barrier before they lift the boomgate. Safety level is certainly compromise, I think, when they did not notice me approaching the entry, only to notice me stopping at the barrier. Question: ‘how on earth do they know if I am a resident or not if they can’t see my car sticker which is plastered at the front windscreen, while they are standing staring at my right side profile?’ or ‘they remember my car (I don’t think I am THAT famous…LOL) thus allow me in without verification?’ I dread to think if someone (outsider) bold enough to just drive up to the barrier and just lift up their hand to the guard and gain entry.

    • Not all residents have car stickers because the issue of stickers has stopped quite some time ago. So how do the guards determine the driver of a vehicle without a sticker is a bonafide resident? I think anyone who uses the residents’ lane is assumed a resident and the guard simply pops open the boom. This is not good and the current system is all screwed up. Bad for a development like ours which is supposed to exhibit some class. The redemption lies in the new access system and management is aware of this – the Committee will make them.

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