Safety 101

The final tally for the signature campaign to support the speed bump  project is 101.

The submission and follow up will be handled by Glenmarie Cove Development Sdn Bhd in their capacity as the developer of GC. On my part , I will act as the prodder-in-chief; a much needed role for things to move along.

Many many thanks to the 101.


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4 Responses to Safety 101

  1. lionelsharon says:

    Mr.Francis Lee ( Maid Agent ) informed that he can follow up with PKR councillors at MPK on this matter. He needs the reference file number once GCD submitted this signature campaign. Trust Johann is able to coordinate this subject matter with Francis Lee at 012-2213283.

  2. I have discussed your query with Ben Yeoh and he points out that controlling traffic outside the premises is not within the scope of the security arrangements with the present service provider and it is highly unlikely the new provider will be willing to do this even on a temporary basis. Trying to stop the juggernauts traveling at high speed can be rather challenging, with no road works in sight or schools around.

    I suggest we consider your suggestion if MPK somehow rejects our plea for the speed bumps. We have sufficient signatures to go with our request and we have a real need for our request. We simply have to keep pressing and fighting for these bumps.

  3. Tan JaiMe says:

    While waiting for MPK, is it possible to get the guards to help man the traffic during peak hours? For example, perhaps can get a ‘STOP’ signage and help stop the oncoming traffic so that we can exit in the mornings, say about 8-9am?

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