Let’s bump them

I am referring to the speeding vehicles (mostly commercial vehicles) that residents of Glenmarie Cove have to contend with when we try to enter Jalan Teluk Gong.

The picture below hardly reflects the situation that we face on a daily basis but everyone will agree that it is always an anxious wait while we debate in our mind whether to step on the gas pedal or not. And what if a motor cycle were to dart across our path as we make that swerve?

Can there be a safer way to start our day?

A proposal by Glenmarie Cove Development Sdn Bhd to do something about the situation as part of an upgrade of the shoulder area has not materialized because of bigger plans by the authorities to upgrade Jalan Teluk Gong. This could take ages though. So while we wait for bigger and better things to come, and it may never happen, perhaps we can collectively do something about the situation.

I have spoken to an official at Majlis Perbandaran Klang about how to go about asking the authority to lay a couple of speed bumps  on either side of the main exit/entrance to slow down  the approaching vehicles. And it is a simple process!

All we need is a letter with as many signatures as possible and some pictures in support of the request. I guess the MPK wants assurance the bumps are something the residents really want.

So, let’s find out if we want speed bumps on either side as shown in the diagram below. If the support isn’t there, we’ll just drop it.

If you wish to support this (and please tell your neighbors if they are unaware of this blog, – this is to be a  joint effort open to ALL residents.), then please go to Seri Santai and sign the ‘petition’. Look for a clipboard placed at the counter with the words ‘Speed Bump Project’ scrawled in the front.

You must provide your full name as in your identity card, your address in GC, your contact number in case MPK wants to randomly check that you are a bona fide resident, and  sign of course. Encourage all adult family members to add to the list.

The sign-up sheets will be available from noon, Friday January 6, 2012 until 5:00 PM January 11, 2012.

Hope to see your name on the list.

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13 Responses to Let’s bump them

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  2. rlshawnie says:

    On issue of traffic lights, I understand some of this trafficlight have sensors inbedded on the road at a certain distance from the traffic light. This sensor can be programme/configure as such that it trigger the lights whenever a car moves over it. Thus the traffic light at the outgoing lane from our precint can remain red but will change to green only when there are cars needed to exit. In so doing will avoid instances of cars (on main road) stopping on red with no cars exiting from our precint.

    • Roy, this is a good point and will include this option in the submission to MPK and see what they have to say. I would like to know particularly the breakdown frequency for such sensors or we will be back to square one on some days.

      By the way, did you manage to overcome the problem you had for the Unifi installation?

      • rlshawnie says:

        Hi Johann, finally got my unifi installation done today (11/1/2012). After much “tai chi style” “talk” with Richard, manage to conclude a middle ground solution, ie: Richard arrange for his guy to chisel a path along the pavement and on my part to lay the conduit, to dig up my garden myself in search of the unblock section of the conduit to insert a “bypass” conduit, goodness, I’m begining to sound like a surgeon. 🙂
        To make a long story short, it was impress on me that any part of this work done by Richard the lion heart is done as a favour and beyond the scope of their responsibilty. Well, too bad, I am not impress when a responsibilty can be subtitute to a “favour” and left with a bitter aftertaste.
        Finally I was told by the unifi installer that he encounter a number of houses here have similar problem as mine.
        I am relief it’s settle now. Thanks for asking.

        • It’s not cricket, Roy.

          I will bring up your case during the February GCD-GCROA meeting. We cannot accept that the building contractor be allowed to walk away from a defect that cannot reasonably be seen during a routine inspection by the purchaser.

          In my house, the water tanks are outdoors which did not seem to be a problem until I decided to install a water pump to boost the pressure and realized that I have to spend money to build a shelter for the pump or it could short every time it rains. The workers for the tanks had also forgotten to cover the tanks so sunshine and rain, perfect fodder for algae, produced almost 20 kilos of this green stuff. Fortunately none of the algae went into the piping or water flow would have become a major headache. Where was the inspection?

  3. santok1950 says:

    We also need to put pressure on the developer to open gate at Precinct 4 sooner rather than later, as promised at the AGM

  4. rlshawnie says:

    Just a thought!
    Incoming to our place via precint 1 and going out via precint 4 should solve some of our current problem cos we will always be on the “right” side of the lane.:-)

  5. wkchoo says:

    I’m all for it and will inform all my immediate neighbours!

  6. rlshawnie says:

    I’m definitely for this. Hopefully this can be done soonest possible. I would like to suggest adding a yellow box at the GC Exit as an additional sign. Reason: I have experience several incident whereby the incoming lane (direction Teluk Gong) is jammed up with cars, and outward lane (direction port klang/klang) are void of cars and I got stuck unable to go through, just because some smart person did not think of leaving a gap at the traffic to enable others to go through. (I guess you can’t blame them, it’s not taught in driving school).
    The yellow line will also serve as an indicator as to how far you can wait at the junction before the turn off. Presently there are no line at all, thus can be quite doggie as to how far forward you can go (to look out for oncoming cars) especially if there are cars or worst still gigantic trucks parked at both ends of the road schoulder.

  7. boyscout2b says:

    I guess that means stop lights are out of the question. Bumps are good alternatives and I am for it – but it won’t stop the motorcyclists darting around the bumps and across the entrance (sigh) !

    • shirleepoel says:

      Hahaha, maybe we should have some more potholes instead of bumps…sorry joking, but jokes aside…if motorcycles choose to dart around and bump into oncoming lorries, sigh….more casualties then but ah…..that is their fault. yes, bumps will be a big help. Nevertheless, can’t wait for the other entrance (Prec. 3/4?) to open up. I know , it will be a long wait.

    • While traffic lights at this junction would appear to be a good solution for GC residents, the downside as I see it is that there will be many times during the day that there may be just one or two cars or perhaps no cars at the exit when it is our turn on green. You would then see attempts by vehicles to run the lights on red and there could problems. I do not think the authorities will be warm to the idea of lights but we will bring this up if there is any discussion after the submission.

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