Irresponsible New Year revellers

The pictures below were submitted by Santok Singh, GCROA Committee’s representative for maintenance and facilities.

I hope those responsible for the mess they left will get to see these pictures and feel ashamed of  their thorough lack of civic consciousness.

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3 Responses to Irresponsible New Year revellers

  1. Hazman Ahmad says:

    I know who was the one responsible. I was there to check out those fireworks. A few friends and I went new years eve cycling and ended up watching their fireworks. 🙂

  2. shirleepoel says:

    Didn’t the cctv capture anything at all? We have a long road ahead of us to educate those idiots on treating the estate grounds like their own back/frontyard…If we ever manage to find the culprits, i will have the pleasure to be the one to dump those onto his yard. tsk tsk tsk…I guess, one can make or move into a classy estate but you sure cannot buy class…Bloody hobos!

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