A Matter of Security

GCD has implemented a procedure whereby the guard at the ‘boat house’ shall attempt to reach the homeowner to verify the bona fides of visitors, be they relatives, friends, contractors or suppliers of goods and services.

To effectively carry out this verification, it is imperative that homeowners provide GCD’s Security Department a primary and an alternative phone number or update these numbers if necessary. Please remember the visitor will not be allowed to pass through the gate if Security fails to reach the homeowner through the phone. If a homeowner does not wish to provide a contact number, he or she will be required to come to the guard-house to fetch the visitor.

The prescribed form for the update can be obtained from the maintenance department at Seri Santai or through this blog. Just go to the box.net file at the top of the right sidebar to download the file ‘ GCD_Security’.

There are ways to speed up the verification of your visitors. For example, if you are having a function please consider providing a list of your guests and their vehicle numbers to the guard-house.

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5 Responses to A Matter of Security

  1. santok1950 says:

    Over the past week I have had several visitors and contractors, but have not received a single phone call to check if these people were bona fide visitors.

    I am wondering if other residents are having the same problem

    • wkchoo says:

      I had similar experienced and the calls from security hse were not consistent. Twice receiving call from guards that contractors were coming to my hse when I am not expecting anyone. The guards did not have the courtesy to get back to me after I told them I did not expecting anyone and had to go to the guard hse to check myself. On both occasions the contractors gave them wrong address (supposely going to the hse opposite mine)

  2. Tan JaiMe says:

    Yeah, I thought this was the agreed procedure too! And we’ve also made a few complaints to the guards for not calling us and letting our guests in. So just to be on the safe side, we went to get our contact ‘updated’ yesterday, and saw that our details was in there all along!!! Hmmm…

    Anyways, nowadays the tags are no longer needed as the gates are manually controlled by the guards. What difference are we from the other ‘gated’ communities eh?? Seems like everybody is able to enter.

    • The present system can be considered a write-off.

      GCD is presently evaluating proposals for a new system and the new system, complete with new access cards, is targeted to be operational from April 2012. Further details will be made available in due course.

      The Security Department will have to work on getting this policy applied consistently. Trying to reach the homeowner can be a lengthy affair as when there is no alternative number to call when the primary number is not answered, even after retrying. Soon there will be a backlog of people trying to get in and the guard, under pressure, is probably using his judgement to let certain people through. We have requested GCD to put in an extra line so two guards are able to make the calls during the busy periods.

  3. rlshawnie says:

    It’s about time this procedure is implemented (officially!!). I thought this was the agreed procedure from day one, though I must say I had experienced several variation or as I called it ‘mutation’ of this procedure. I had a plumber coming today without any called from the ‘boat house’ guard for verification.
    Secondly, it puzzle me that we have to “re-register” our contact with the security department when they meaning “GCD” already have my (and I assume all other residents) details when we bought our home. Is this a case of the right hand not seeing eye to eye with the left hand?
    But then again, I better “UPDATE” my contact AGAIN with the maintenance department, just in case!

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