Changing of the Guards; Have a name for new jetty in Precinct 2?

In a couple of weeks, the familiar sight of guards in white shirts from Guardian Security Consultancy will be replaced by that of men in blue from Jerai Security Services Sdn Bhd (Jerai).
Let us thank the Guardian guards from a faraway land for their services and it should be noted that the constant breakdowns in equipment  over the past few months and the  behavior of certain homeowners have not made their jobs any easier.
The blues are presently responsible for guard services in Precinct 2 (having taken over the duties from  PRISM Security not so long ago).  Following more than a month of observation, Jerai has now been handed the mandate, which is renewable annually, to take over the guard services for the entire development we have today.
The company (TriCalibre Security) that provides the guard for Senangin Pier will also cease in January thus putting an end to a confusing situation of having three service providers in a small community. It has been problematic at Senangin because anglers who call up the principal guardhouse to find out, for example, why there is no guard present will often be told that the contractor is another company so there is not much they can do to help.
The changing of the guards  is expected to be completed by mid January, 2012.
New Jetty in Precinct 2
I have been informed that the name for the new jetty in Precinct 2 has not been settled so if anyone has a nice name to suggest, please do so. As you know, the jetty in Precinct 1 is named Senangin Pier. If the ‘fish theme’ is
maintained then another fish should follow. I do not suppose the word ‘pier’ is sacrosanct and to get the ball rolling, I would just venture the name ‘Siakap Point’. Let’s hear more interesting names.
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9 Responses to Changing of the Guards; Have a name for new jetty in Precinct 2?

  1. rlshawnie says:

    Archer pier or Archer spot would be nice, seeing there are a lot of archer fishes around. 🙂

  2. yfyin says:

    The fish that is most frequent and easily caught in this river would be the Gelama fish, maybe the Gelama pier should be named before Siakap or any other species.

  3. boyscout2b says:

    The theme for Precint 1 was the sea – “Damar Laut”. The theme for Precint 2 was the wind – “Damar Bayu”. Ergo, the Precint 2 pier should follow this “wind” theme – for eg. “Layang-Layang Pier” (after the many swallows above GC)

  4. crazylizard says:

    how about “mudskipper alley”

  5. wkchoo says:

    Most of the siakaps were caught at Senangin Piers so maybe Siakap Point is not appropriate yet. Anyway let’s get the ball rolling as suggested. I go with Estuary Prawn.

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