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Roy L has this to say:

Hi everybody,

Good news to know that unifi is now available in our community. Just wondering about a few issues concerning the installation of this service.

1. refer to inifi website, there are two (2) types of installation, ie. standard and non-standard. Thus for  us here looks like we fall under the non-standard type of installation resulting in additional costs which is not covered by the promotional free installation fee of RM200.00. Maybe someone in the know can clarify this and hopefully we will not be charge for any additional fees.

2. Looks like Mr. Choo will be the first resident to get the inifi install shortly, maybe you can share your knowledge on the method the contractor use to setup the whole things, esp. the internal part of the cabling given the fact that we already have built-in telekom cable (older version).

Good points, Roy. I will try to get the information that you are asking. Meanwhile the following may interest residents who have not used Unifi before.

You can’t miss this Unifi distribution box either on your side of the road or across your neighbor’s. This box caters up to eight homes so we are spared the sight of a mass of these green ogres.

The thin fiber optic cable that serves your home will be from this green box, drawn underground along a conduit already laid beneath the road surface. This conduit emerges somewhere inside your compound, most likely near one of the pillars at the front car porch (a metal box with a key to it) or on a wall by the main door. How it works with the existing internal cabling is still somewhat of a mystery to me because Unifi uses fiber optic cabling whereas the existing built-in cable is old stuff.

The fiber optic cable is connected to a box pictured on right. This one carries the brand Fiberhome (made in Wuhan, China). Every paraphernalia for Unifi is connected to this box (wireless router, the decoder for HYPP TV and the 03-telephone line). Thus the base unit for your cordless telephone set (and the fax machine if you want one) may need to be close to this box so you do not have to run a long cable.

I have checked with the GCD maintenance office and nobody is sure about whether residents will be charged for the installation. Choo is a fighter, so let’s hope he will ‘battle’ TM Unifi if they want to charge. I’d rather think there should be no additional charge because pulling the cable is not harder than the overhead cable work. In fact, overhead cabling work is more dangerous. They could fall off the ladder……….

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  1. simying2012 says:

    Hi, I’m new to Glenmarie Cove and my name is Terry. I’m in the process of deciding whether to go with Telekoms Malaysia or Maxis for my internet connection. Any opinions on this?

    • I’ve changed from TM to Maxis and I’ve had no problem whatsoever. Speed is the same. Less money. One tiny Maxis perk – if you wish to set up a fax machine with the 03 number provided (thus having a phone/fax capability) you can connect the fax machine to the spare RJ11 connection provided in the Maxis ‘box’. Although TM’s box also comes with two RJ11 connections, it is meant for two different 03 lines. If you have only one line, you’d need to ‘split’ that one line with a cheap ‘splitter’ but I found that unsatisfactory because it came loose rather easily. I hope you’d join the GCROA even if this input does not help you. Just kidding.

      On Mon, Dec 3, 2012 at 10:33 AM, Glenmarie Cove Residents and Owners Associati

  2. Recently I terminated my Unifi service in favor of that supplied by Maxis. In a nutshell, the same 10 Mbp speed at just a shade over half the price charged by Unifi. I think this offer has ended but I doubt the current full price by Maxis can be far away from what I got.

    By the way, I am able to do this without incurring any penalty because my minimum term has expired. There is no additional works because, as it happens, Maxis kind of ‘rents’ the fiber optic line from Unifi and is then allowed to resell it for a much lower price. It looks like the Unifi pricing is way too high to begin with. It also looks like Unifi is providing the very knife that is used to kill it – eventually. I can’t put my finger on this deal between Unifi and Maxis but would love to learn how it is mutually beneficial to both parties. The only thing I know for sure is the consumer can now pay much less. I guess it pays to think outside the (Fiber) Box, heh heh.

  3. dl2a15 says:

    anyone from Precinct 1 installed Unifi?
    how many additional $$$ we need to pay for installation?
    can share some photo how the installation looks like?

    Went to my friend’s place, the Unifi installation seems to be quite messy… cable all over..

  4. lnsnetwork says:

    Hi every1.
    Just to intro myself as an agent for Unifi packages. If you guys would like to place an order or having any questions regarding Unifi service and installation, please do not hesitate to reply.

  5. rlshawnie says:

    Another day, another blunder discovered.
    Yesterday (24/12/2011) was suppose to be day I get “upgraded” from the snail streamyx to the super highway connection of unifi. When the tm contractor try to lay the fiber optic cable through the conduit from the point at the side of the road, the cable came against an obtacle somewhere along the conduit. After identifying the spot where the obtacle is (within the garden turf), a hole was dug by yours truly (tm sub-con don’t dig hole in ground, they only lay cable, I am cordially informed).
    Lo and behold! What a discovery I made. The underground pipe (that houses the cable) which is suppose to run straight through to the house was laid in a zig-zag manner that have two 90 degree angle. Some “smart” fellas of comtrac (our “beloved” home builder) must have decided then during construction, that maybe the cable would love to travel along a scenic route rather than straight one. Well, now we know that tm fiber optic cable prefered a straight route. thank you very much! Anyway, given the situation as it is, reluctantly I bid farewell to the tm contractor until I solve the underground piping and resign myself to continue using the snail streamyx, not withstanding having to make another appointment for the unifi installation.
    What also erks me was when I spoke to GCD management concerning this problem, the first reaction (answer) I got was ‘if the piping is within the resident compound, it is the resident own problem’ and ‘oh! but the warranty period is over, thus defect liablity is not in question’.
    When I asked if they (gcd management staff) could furnish me a referance of anyone who have dug out the ground of their new home to check for defect when they collect their keys, than I rest my case.
    Seeing the logic of my question, they now promise to forward this “problem” first thing this coming tuesday (what with this long weekend), I can only hold my breath for a favourable solution!! Anyway will see!

    • Thank you for highlighting your problem.

      I feel they cannot hide behind the cloak of the defects liability period having run its course.

      A below ground conduit meant to channel cables should not have right angle turns and having two such corners as in your case is sheer madness. Further, a purchaser cannot be reasonably expected to know or to determine there is no mayhem below the sand. The purchaser would have to dig everywhere and thus the response you have been given is well within the realm of absurdity.

      Try to get hold of Mr. Richard Ong of Comtrac (0193535916) as he is usually very helpful and reasonable.

    • wkchoo says:

      I faced the similar problem and had blockage inside the conduit from the manhole (near my main door) to the telephone box. We decided then to drill a hole from the manhole and run the cable separately and go thru my roof instead. My hse is still under warranty and having gone thru hell with GCD during my initial stay on many defects and problems, I opted to settled it myself to prevent my blood pressure from increasing.

  6. wkchoo says:

    My neighbour is having his Unifi installed now and all the installation cost is FOC. He paid RM 90 to have the incoming fibre optic covered with casing (from the existing underground wire hole in front of the drain to telephone box at main entrance). This is optional and the contractor said it is to protect the fibre optic from rat’s bites etc. I think its damm expensive for such a short distance maybe 20 feets only.
    I’ll call TM Net to change it when it got bitten, should be on their cost right?

    • rlshawnie says:

      Hi choo, I would be getting my unifi connection this saturday (24/12/11). I am confused as to the telephone box that you are refering are situated at the main entrance of the house but mind is situated in the staircase storeroom. Would appreciated your advice if you are refering to the same thing. I understand you are getting your connection today, how is it? Thanks. Roy.

      • wkchoo says:

        Roy, yes we are talking about the same thing. I was told that the box are located in store room for P1 whereas its near the entrance for P2. The contractor will pull the fibre optic wire from the green box and into your hse via the telephone box. They will install another box beside the telephone box and pull the rest from there.
        Since I have all my build-in cabinet installed and not willing to let them drill hole into it, I had the fibre optic came in thru my car porch roof into my room. This “over the ceiling cabling” cost me RM 315.00.

  7. I agree Choo. The existing cable is useless. Incidentally, in my case, I will be charged RM300 because it is a relocation of an existing service. I cannot cancel the old service because of the 2-year contractual period.

    There will be a small box that needs to be installed on a wall outside. The fiber optic cable goes into this box and then out to the Fiberhome.

  8. wkchoo says:

    I will keep everyone posted once it’s installed. (scheduled on 22/12/11). I’ve spoken to TM personnel when they were here installing the green box and was informed that the existing telephone line provided by the developer cannot be used so the phone metal box (mine is located near the main door) will be redundant as Unifi is operated using fibre optic.
    Let’s see how it goes.

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