Landscaping Upgrade at TNB reserve

Coming Soon!!

GCD is pleased to advise that the unsightly TNB reserve between the shop lots and the highway will soon undergo a landscaping upgrade. But please hold your horses because this is still pending  TNB and JKR’s approvals. As this project is being funded by GCD, let us pray the authorities will come to their senses that this is a good thing for our community and the  surrounding ambiance.

Let us hope it will look like the following impression created by artist commissioned by GCD.

So, boom time for the shop owners?

I feel ingress and egress is still a problem but if it is anywhere near the pretty pictures above, it would mean a very welcome face lift for Glenmarie Cove.

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3 Responses to Landscaping Upgrade at TNB reserve

  1. shirleepoel says:

    Re; ingress/egress, very rarely do we have “the back” of shop houses facing the main road because that is where junk piles up. (so far so good). This may also be a blessing for us that we are spared from that possible messy view . : )

    Egress : Strangest exit back to town, that cars have to merge back onto the road and make the U turn to get back up onto the bridge to head back to town. I am very sure that many have made wrong turns, taken the ramp to the ports or headed straight towards the endless stretch of road to the island of nowhere. I know , i know, not our problem but ……

    HEY , yipeeeeee .. for the opossible landscaping uprade, .at least it will not stay an eyesore, indefinitely..

  2. boyscout2b says:

    Very good. I hope whatever flora they decided to plant will be able to cope with the high salinity from the high tide flooding. On another matter, is there any proposal for a set of traffic lights at the main entrance to Jalan Teluk Gong?. It is not urgent yet – but it could take some time to exit GC (especially in the morning) what with new industrial and housing estates coming up in the interior of Teluk Gong. – Paul

    • Hi Paul,

      I did ask Ben Yeoh about the traffic lights recently. He mentioned the authorities are now looking at revamping the whole of Jalan Teluk Gong because it is rather busy now and dangerous as well. Thus GCD has not obtained the approval for the lights and landscaping works along our main entrance. I suppose GCD can save some money now that a big brother is taking over the project.

      With the revamp of Jalan Teluk Gong the shophouses that will eventually be developed by GCD across the main entrance (P5) should be a worthwhile investment, in view of its close proximity to the main highway. I hope homeowners will be given some preference when booking time arrives!


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