Have Your Say: GCROA flyer a case of bad PR? Plus fish freely and be civilised

The following emails from residents of Glenmarie Cove are reproduced verbatim below:

From ShirleePoel, Precinct 2 on the recent GCROA flyer:

On behalf of everybody (of everybody else)  , basically i want to thank the residents involved , for volunteering their time in getting things moving in the “right”  direction….
On the downside, i have something to say about the flyers that went out last week.  yes , thanks for the effort of the residents involved in the task of it all, but…..i just would like to point out that …it was not a really good piece of PR job if you want people to take note of what GCROA is all about.    There should have been a covering letter attached to the gcroa application form and the dog poo and cat whatnots can come at a later day.  We have suffered through it all for so long..can wait a bit more.      Perhaps it was meant to kill two birds with one stone but the way it is being presented..it killed all the birds which were not even present.
May i put forth to the committee that there should be an editorial  dept  (or call it PR department or call it what you will)  to take care of such things.  We have to reach out to the people, not put them off.  We have to change the mindset of the people that GCROA works with us, for us and is not the “running dog” of the GCD.   Stuffing the dos and don’ts under their nose at the same time with the application form is akin to

” hey neighbour, you better watch that contractor of yours and ask him to clean up as he go or better you watch after them… and oh your dogs and the poo …made walking in Glenmariecove like walking through a minefield and please keep your cat in your house they’re not even catching crows but stinking up my garden and oh.yes your bike, put a muffler on it will you?  
Then you extend your hand for an obvious handshake/introduction  “ Hi , I am GCROA, nice to meet you…. we’re having a meet-up,  you’re invited..please do come…. …. “
See the whole picture now?
yours dearly ,

From Tony Wee, Precinct 1 on fishing, jetty, security and behaviour

Hi all,
Just back from a week’s fishing in Royal Belum and am glad that things concerning security issues and the use of the jetties are being openly discussed.
My stand has always been that the GC Jetties are for every residents’ use and should not be closed. Secondly, (although my boat was the unfortunate one to be vandalised, ) we should tackle the problem at source. This involves two simple issues..1). That all residents be civic conscious and neighbourly when using the facility… and 2). That all security and safety measures be in place 24/7.
Example: All visitors must be registered …..the access card must work so we can tell who used the jetty and at what time … guests (and children) must be accompanied at all times  … jetty to be kept clean … safety equipment must be in place …. children (and guests) taught to respect other peoples property … etc… In a word, all residents must obey the rules and GC management must be effective. This is the only way to go if we desire to build community. 
ps. as a keen angler, my view is that building a dedicated fishing pier and banning fishing from the jetties is not the way to go …. unless there is a guarantee that the fishes are always there.:-)

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2 Responses to Have Your Say: GCROA flyer a case of bad PR? Plus fish freely and be civilised

  1. I am not sure it is bad PR. I’m quite sure, however, it has made more people aware of this blog because the viewership has risen this past week. That innocuous line at the bottom of the flyer showing the blog’s URL must have helped.

    Blog Stats

    The peak was 176 views on Friday, Dec 2 when the Residents’ Clubhouse plans and 3D images were posted.
    More explanation to follow……

  2. boyscout2b says:

    I get the PR bit – but the good thing is there was no malice intended. The good residents would look past it and the bad wouldn’t care anyway. But the truth of the matter (from my observation) is that the culture of civility and public consciousness is not naturally ingrained in all Malaysians. Afterall, vandals do come from good families too. In GC there are lot of money power in play (just look at the non-compliant renovations and the number of non-Astro satellite dishes in some backyards), a lot of tidak-apa-thy and a big bunch of helpless bystanders. It takes enforcement and reinforcement via the twin actions of monitoring and penalties (like how Singapore keeps its street clean) to get people to act in a socially responsible manner. We can monitor and report but who is responsible for the penalty part? GCD ? (ha-ha!). That’s my 2 cents.

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