Residents’ Clubhouse

The above is a computerized rendering of the residents’ clubhouse. A scale model of this approximately 6000 sq ft facility with high ceiling is being made now and will soon be on public display at Seri Santai Sales.

Additional 3D renderings plus a layout of the entire clubhouse can be downloaded via the link in the widget on the right sidebar of this blog.

The award for the tender (worth approximately RM2 million) of this facility is imminent as construction is expected to start in January, 2012. It is targeted  for completion by September, 2012. This means residents have lost the opportunity to comment on the layout of the available space. Nevertheless do please forward  suggestions to help make this clubhouse both welcoming and homely. Good points will be taken into consideration.

There will be only one (main) entrance unlike the situation at Seri Santai where visitors can come from a number of directions. In this clubhouse, the wet and dry areas are well separated.

The amenities being made available by the GCD include:

Reading Room      Gym     Members’ Lounge and Cafe      Pantry for F&B Operations

Surau for men and women        Sauna, changing room and toilets for men and women

20M x 8M swimming pool       4M  x 3M wading pool    Outdoor shower

Extensive pool deck area

I will update this posting as more information becomes available.

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14 Responses to Residents’ Clubhouse

  1. malbecm says:

    Good day. Refer to my subjest above mentioned. I have some comments/question as per below:
    1) Honestly, the first thought that came to my mind when I saw the proposed (now, definitive) club house is that it looks like a mix match between a prison block and a temporary warehouse (especially the roof design). It gave me the impression that the club house design is not conceive with a theme in mind. Hopefully this can be salvage with creative used of materials, eg. Decorative natural stone, paintwork, tiles, landscaping, etc. to complement the overall theme of our beloved glenmarie cove RESORT lifestyle.
    2) With regards to the swimming pool, will it be an infinity pool or a standard pool? Hopefully it will be better constructed than the current pool at sri santai which is besiege with “construction fault”.

    • We shall get to learn more in the coming weeks but let the developer close on the tender so the construction shall start without any more delays. The rendering does not show the colors and materials to be used – just a basic gray scale image initially on a totally black background. Let’s put together a team of volunteers, say 4-6 residents, who have the time and some expertise, but most importantly the imagination, to make this a gem within our community fit for residents of all ages. Give a shout if you’d like to volunteer.

      An infinity pool is by definition a swimming pool set up to produce a visual effect of the water extending to the horizon (infinity) or into the sea. We have no such luck with the chosen location.

  2. rlshawnie says:

    Hi everybody, this is my first visit to this blog. Just manage to get myself sign up after going through the great frontiers. Am now testing if this allows me to post this in the comment column.

  3. crazylizard says:

    Since we were leftout on the initial planning… any room for future expansion? If so, I suggest having a squash court and a futsal pitch or an outdoor football field. I’m sure our young would like to play football and I don’t mind coaching 🙂

    • Download the layout plan and you can see there is no space for an indoor squash court or an indoor futsal pitch. Personally, I do not think these two facilities will be sorely missed. Many of the grownups here may just collapse from sheer exhaustion after a game of squash.

      I think a multi-purpose room is missing – you know one which can be used for meetings, small functions, cooking lessons or everything swept aside for aerobics. You will see an area marked ‘TURFING’ at the bottom left corner of the plan. Perhaps this area could be put to better use.

      Talking about an outdoor football field, you will probably know that there is a pitch along the ‘boardwalk’. I think it must have been intended for beach soccer. The pitch is now just an area of fairly compressed sand. It can become your outdoor futsal pitch. It could easily be an outdoor volleyball court. Hope you are crazy enough to start something.

  4. shirleepoel says:

    Talking about juicy steaks and all….i do know a Mr. Foo…oh he serves up great chicken chops too : ) .

  5. boyscout2b says:

    This is good news, Johann! But is the clubhouse for Ph 1 & 2 residents or is this for entire GC use? Will the provision of the clubhose increase our mgt fees or will there be a separate club membership fees or some other charging mechanism for use of the club facilities?

    • I know what you mean.

      The marketing concept has been the provision of two clubhouses. If you go the the website and then the link Homes Within a Resort, you will find the location of the other clubhouse betweeP3 and P4. I will make it a point to check with Ben Yeoh when we meet later this month whether another clubhouse is still in play.

      You have hit on a fundamental question that begs to be answered but GCROA and GCD have yet to touch base on this matter. But it is good to find out the expectation of residents. I’ve heard whispers of a membership fee concept for use of the faciliy which is frankly quite a daunting prospect, in my humble opinion. Even with every household participating, I wonder if the base is actually large enough to support the facility – assuming such fees are to provide the funds for running the clubhouse.
      Thus will there be an increase in the maintenance charges to augment the fees? The more worrisome aspect is the possibility that some owners may wish to opt out from the outset or could do so later with all kinds of excuses.

      Personally, I favor the concept where very owner is automatically a member and the maintenance costs shared by all from day 1.

      I hope to hear more from you and the other residents on this important matter.

      • wkchoo says:

        When I signed the dotted line to buy the property here 3 years ago, I was told that the current monthly maintenance and security fees will be adjusted up slightly when club houses are ready and no additional membership fees to be imposed as the club houses only provide bare minimum facilities ie. only pools and gym. Well that was with the old management and not sure what’s the current management view.

        I think GCD management should provide more facilities in other club house (if at all it’ll be another) before imposing any addditional fees. I will not mind for paying what’s worth.

      • rlshawnie says:

        I concur that automatic membership is the way to go. Obviously this might (hopefully might not, I can only wish..he..he..) result in an increase in our maintenance fees. If my memory has not left me, I understand that initially GCD did states that they will implement the concept of ‘pay as you use’. My thought are, if this deter some residents from using this facilties, thus unable to collect enough funds to upkeep the place and this elephant of a building would eventually turn as white as the model we see now.

  6. wkchoo says:

    Way to go Johann for providing this information to us. Shall look into it and provide some feedback as Shirlee just did. Hope the rest will do the same. Thanks !!!

    • Ben Yeoh, GCD’s CEO was very helpful indeed in providing this. There are other landscaping improvements that will come along soon and I will post the renderings once I get them. The stats show quite a number of downloads of the files I have made available. Although we have missed the boat in terms of the layout and architectural design, we can still participate meaningfully in the ID aspects. I hope someone will come along and make some good suggestions that we can present to GCD.

  7. shirleepoel says:

    From the drawing, i can see that the cafeteria area is a totally enclosed room….or have i missed it completely?
    I can only assume that it’s only for the members to make use of the pantry to prepare whatever they have brought with them to chow down on and that there is no cafeteria operator? (If you ask me , this is the best solution so that residents can clean up as they go). But it is wise to also include an outside seating (cafeteria) area … People still do want to keep a look out for their kids at the same time while they stuff their mouth..or have that caffein fix.or else we will have wet “bodies” within the building and that would be a messy ordeal. Eating too close to the pool is also a no no …right? So how?

    • There will be a cafe operator and Ben Yeoh has in fact asked for suggestions. So do you know of any person who can do the job? Like grill a juicy tender rib eye steak?

      The pantry is for the operator and certainly not for residents to run wild in.

      Just thinking……It may not be easy to find an operator because the business volume may not be attractive enough in September 2012. With P3 and P4 completed the game may well be different. So, initially, it may have to be an in-house operation with an F&B Manager to run things and to sustain the financial viability of the clubhouse a minimum expenditure per household per month may be worth considering.

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