Mindless Contractor

This picture was taken at 2:45PM today, November 22nd.

This TNB contractor dug up across the whole of Jalan Damar Bayu to lay cables from the sub-station on the left to the area under development on the right. This meant that no one can access or leave Jalan Damar Bayu 5. I was on my way out for a meeting but I just could not leave!

I confronted the leader of this pack and he did not know that this road was the only access for poor me. Bloody hell! I told him that in a medical emergency, someone could die because of his stupidity.

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4 Responses to Mindless Contractor

  1. lionelsharon says:

    When I arrived back from work around 5:50pm one of the workers was very high handed. He started pointing his finger that I should use the other road and when I ignored him because there is no other road to use, it looks like he was about to run after me but another man stopped him! But boy, this situation actually highlights the predicament we will be in if the access road is closed for whatever reason, there is no other road to get to or out of Jalan Damar Bayu 5 except by walking!

  2. boyscout2b says:

    I agree. I also think management should keep an eye out for renovation contractors and their sub-cons who park their vehicles, dumpsters, building materials and heavy cranes (doing piling for building extension) haphazardly. I believe GC management leaves it to their security guards to organise traffic matters but I believe it is diificult for our Nepali guards (because of language barrier) to communicate and chastise these contractors. Our GC management is just too lame (sigh).

  3. I think the management of Glenmarie Cove is doing a lousy job in coordinating this with the TNB contractor. Will be good if GCROA can raise this complaint to the management to avoid recurrance.

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