One Fathom Bank

The inaugural outing for the boaters and fishermen of Glenmarie Cove to Pulau Angsa and dinner on Saturday 5th November did not materialize as it was called off at the eleventh hour for fear of foul weather and the lack of interest from the landlubbers in this village.

Anyway, Tony Wee and Santok Singh joined Justin and I to make a foursome.  Kudos to the fifth man who did turn up to wave us off.  We set off in a westerly direction towards Pulau Pintu Gedung and before long we were across the shipping lane, drifting in the choppy sea with hardly a nibble. All that water and only this young eel showed up for dinner. We moved the boat around but that wasn’t fruitful either. Just a couple of days earlier I met a boatman who freelances as a fishing guide and he had warned that the conditions are somehow not good for sport fishing.  He is worried as showing people where fish may be caught is his livelihood now and a poor catch is not good business promotion. Some customers even hint about a discount so he collects his fee upfront these days. Smart chap.

Should have stayed home I guess  but fishing with friends is not just about catching fish. It is the camaraderie, the serious and fun conversations about any subject that make the long hours out in the sea bearable.

Introducing One Fathom Bank

Source: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

First reported during the mid-19th century by John Turnbull Thomson, a hydrographic surveyor, One Fathom Bank is a shoal located in the Strait of Malacca, between North Sands and South Sands, 30 kilometres (19 mi) southwest from the Klang Delta in Selangor. The sandbank had apparently emerged during low tide, with water depths of less than two and a half fathoms (4.6 m).

The One Fathom Bank Lighthouse originally consisted of a single screw-pile lighthouse that has been replaced twice over the course of its 147 years in service, but saw the addition of a newer, larger counterpart close by that superseded duties of the older lighthouse in 1999. The lighthouses have since been referred to as the “old” One Fathom Bank Lighthouse (at left in picture below) and the “new” One Fathom Bank Lighthouse; the old One Fathom Bank Lighthouse is retained but is currently inactive.

There are facilities available at the new lighthouse, including air conditioned rooms and a kitchen. Charges for entry into the lighthouse and the beds are very reasonable. It is common for anglers to stay the night at the lighthouse, returning to shore after breakfast the following day. Many anglers fish off the platform throughout the night (an ideal location for those in GC who complain about the 10 PM curfew here!)

It is a landmark rich with history and hopefully fishes as well.  It is only about 90 minutes from Glenmarie Cove. I hope someday we can go there.

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