Halloween Roundup by Justin Foo

First, a big thanks and job well done to the organizers (Sharmila Senin, Mary Lowdik and Agnes)  and sponsors of the Halloween street party on October 29th. The attendance for the event was good, and no one’s time was wasted.

Here are a few pictures of the night’s events.

The first game of the night was a ‘Wrap the Mummy’ contest. It involved having groups of three taking four minutes to wrap up a member of their group with a toilet roll to make him or her resemble a mummy. The neatest-looking mummy (points for little kids being able to stand still) was the chosen winner.  By the way, observe the ghostly apparition next to the little mummy in the picture below. Heh heh.

Next was the balloon race. It involved pairs supporting a balloon between their heads and racing from start to finish. What may have been awkward for the participants was a lot of fun for those watching.

The third game of the night was ‘Pass the Pumpkin’. The game involved passing a pumpkin around while music played until it stopped. Despite having the pumpkin break in half during the game, it progressed smoothly with even the onlookers getting into it.

The last event was the competition for the best costume. Prizes were given to winners of the events.The clean-up after the event was quick, and most of the attendees left but a few stayed for a quick dance before taking off as well.

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