Getting to know you ….

Calling the attention of all boaters, fishermen, wannabes, et al!

There will be an informal gathering on Friday, 21 October, 2011, 7:30 PM, at Seri Santai around the gym area (or in a walled and air-conditioned meeting room if we can obtain use free of charge) for residents and owners who fit the description above to discuss the formation of ‘a clan’ who wish to Capture the splendour of riverfront resort living unlike any other place (seriously, the tagline @

Let’s get started, good people of Glenmarie Cove! This effort will be led by Tony Wee, with all our help so Tony will agree to do it for long.

Let us chart a course (punĀ intended) so we have a new avenue to enjoy living in this place, develop friendships and, more importantly, have fun and drinks while we try to catch a decent fish from these turbid waters. With boats available, we can venture out there, somewhere, over blue waters and tell our family and friends how that big one got away.

Looking forward to see you all – men, women, boys and girls with parental permission.

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  1. Regrettably, the fishing plus dinner trip planned for tomorrow, 5 November, will be cancelled in view of the poor response from residents.
    Who would want to be bothered to organze another trip?
    File under ‘Tried and Failed’.

  2. Kevin Yong says:

    1. Kevin
    2. Johann
    3. Eric
    4. Nicky
    5. Justin
    6. Brenda
    7. Tony Wee
    8. Taizo

  3. Kevin Yong says:

    Okay, lets not delay further and make this trip happen.

    Date : 5th November 2011 (Saturday)
    Price : RM70 a person (excluding brunch/dinner) (BYO), Dinner at Cape 9.
    Depart : Senangin Pier
    Time : 10:00am – 8:00pm (For the ladies, I will find a place to anchor our boats and hopefully we can park beside the abandon jetty at P.Angsa if the tide is good for some shade and to check out the lighthouse)

    I shall make a list of confirm anglers and boaters for this coming Saturday. Anyone wish to join please copy and paste this list on your next reply.

    1. Kevin
    2. Johann
    3. Eric
    4. Nicky
    5. Justin
    6. Brenda

    • ichtus17 says:

      I shall make a list of confirm anglers and boaters for this coming Saturday. Anyone wish to join please copy and paste this list on your next reply.

      1. Kevin
      2. Johann
      3. Eric
      4. Nicky
      5. Justin
      6. Brenda
      7. Tony Wee

  4. Okay folks, let us firm up the plans for Saturday, 5th November, 2011.

    Departure from Senangin Pier (er, that is the rammed jetty at P1) by 10:30 AM. Bring your own lunch and the happy stuff because there will be no stopover for lunch. Bring also your lucky fishing rod and life jacket.

    Bottled water and light snacks will be freely available on board the boats.

    We will head towards Pulau Angsa for as many hours fishing as you’d like. If the fish remains stubborn, we may hop over to Pulau Ketam for more of the same or step onto the island to buy some fish, especially if you nothing to bring home.

    Dinner at the appointed restaurant shall be at around 7:00 PM.

    Cost per pax is RM70, excluding the dinner which will be shared based on actual. Nicky Teh believes we can expect a king’s feast for about RM20-25.

    Please confirm with Kevin (017-2208918) or me (019-3883093) or leave your mark in this blog for your spot.

  5. Kevin Yong says:

    Well, I have proposed RM70-RM75 a person (12 people) which is for the 2 boat’s petrol and a little for rental,maintenance and wear and tear of the boats but the response is not too inviting. We have to understand that the owners of the boats are doing it willingly without profitting any by chartering their beloved boats out for the benefit of the club and to let everyone experience and to enjoy a cruise out together.

    What I proposed to do on that day was

    Be at Senangin Pier @ 9:30am
    Gather up and depart @ 10:00am
    Head straight to P.Angsa (Approx 1H40Mins)
    Breakfast / Brunch at boat (BYO)
    Some fishing, get to gather time and maybe some swimming if the water if permitable
    We can arrange boat ride to P.Ketam if members would want to purchase some fresh seafood
    Leave P.Angsa or P.Ketam @ 4:00pm
    Dinner at Cape9 Banting
    Return to Senangin Pier

    I would love to hear more suggestions on this outing.

  6. Kevin/Tony,

    Seems kind of a downer if the first trip is a lunch trip. Maybe we should just shoot off to Pulau Angsa on the first trip after brunch at the RSYC.

    • ichtus17 says:

      Hi Johann / Kevin,

      Lets settle on brunch and a boat trip to Pulau Angsa for this first outing ….. From RSYC, perhaps Rm 60.00 can cover the cost (brunch included) based on 12 pax.? If we get less than 12, then use only one boat?

      Perhaps interest is poor because of the charges (non-boat owners do not realise that boats drink petrol like a Ferrari) are deemed high, or that the news have not reached a wider audience of residents? I suggest we quickly pass word around, put up the signboard at the “ship” (Eric can assist?) and see what happens. The announcement should describe the planned event, the charges and who to call … Kevin, you and me…. by Nov.1. No matter what, we make a final decision on Nov.3….okay?

  7. yfyin says:

    Thanks for your information Eric, hope to take part in future, when you guys organise fishing trip.

  8. Eric Yong says:

    Hi yfyin..

    Just to remind you this boating trip is not a fishing trip however all boater are allow to bring along just one fishing rod/gear as we will have a two hours fishing competition only. For fishing trip we can always arrange another trip later once GCBC are confirmed.

  9. yfyin says:

    Dear Tony, I am very interested to join your fishing trip on the 5th November, if there is place available, let me know, thanks.

  10. I suggest we let those who want to drink the harder stuff to bring their own. Not hard to just grab a six-pack on the way out. Then there is no question of whether we provide enough. And the non drinkers would not feel guilty fueling the inebriation.

    The cost for fuel then just depends on the length of the journey. We could go as near as Pulau Ketam or far as Pulau Pangkor for an overnight stay. Or we tow the boats to Mersing and then go over to Pulau Tioman for a couple of days, or more, returning to Mersing to spend the night.

    Kevin, we would be grateful if you can work out the ‘mileage claim’, including a little bit for wear & tear.

  11. This message is from Eric to Tony which is inserted into this blog so others can follow:

    Hi wee,

    let me give a little suggestions and also to tag in the GCROA blog to invite members to join us for this outing :

    1. your boat should come along as well, with 3 boats.. will be a bit more grandeur for GCBC a start . We will have another 5 – 6
    persons to tag along. We can have 3 boats for a start as a way to show how eager and keen we are to start this GC Boat Club.

    2. beers should be included and not just soft drinks.

    3. roughly the cost should be around rm 50 – 60 pax if we all want to have nice and enjoyable on water

    4. all intended boaters must bring their own life vest unless owner of boats would like to lent theirs to others.
    (USCG approved life vest can be purchase /source from setia west marine with special discount to GC residents or elsewhere)

    5. a reminder to all intended boaters to bring sea sickness pill (for first timer out to sea) prior to go on board to prevent uneasyness,
    loss of appetite during the trip or otherwise all the fun will be miss on board
    (I too wish inform that certain stretch of the jouney, the sea water can be very rough)

    6. camera to be brought along to take some beatiful pictures of our day activities, happen to fish a “big fish” along the jouney. These
    picture are to be post in our GCROA blog and also in our GCROA notice board at Sri Stantai.
    With these pictures I am sure many will be hook in to join GCBC, this as a way to lure the many boaters to join our GCBC.

    7. to make this boating trip more lively I proposed to have 2 hours fishing competition. Whoever hook the first fish inmaterial type of
    fish and the biggest (in length) in this 2 hours of fishing competion will be rewarded with a free satay dinner voucher for 2 worth RM
    25 coutersy of GCROA.

    8. this boating invitation is open to all GCROA strictly for members on a first come first serve basis.

    9. all intended boaters must be 18 and above.

    Hope this suggestions can be adopted !


    • ichtus17 says:

      Eric, Johann and all,

      1. We’ll call for “reservations” once the cost has been worked out.

      2. Like Johann suggested, BYOG … and no drinking if you’re driving yah?.:-)

      3. I’m afraid my boat is just too small to go all the way to Pulau Angsa lah. If we do get more than 12 pax, I’m thinking perhaps we can request GC to use their boat and pilot … we pay for the fuel, of course…oso good for advertising their development.

      4. The fishing bit is okay if there are enough people interested.

      5. For lunch, I reckon we can land on the island.?

      6. MY rough guess is that it’ll cost around Rm 60.00 per pax. Perhaps either Kevin or Johann can enquire how much a decent pack lunch from RSYC will cost? .. makes it more convienient for Fuel, food and drinks if RSYC can cater for us.

      7. Life jackets and camera are personal items.

  12. ichtus17 says:

    Okay, here’s a quick report on the meeting:

    Seven gentlemen turned up (The Magnificient 7) and after 2 hours of heeing and hawing, the following was (more or less) agreed upon:

    1. The Boating and Fishing Group is an initiative under GCROA…not neccessary to register with ROS lah, just an informal gathering.

    2. The names under proposal are “Glenmarie Cove Fishing and Boating Group” and “Glenmarie Cove Boating Club” (GCBC). The final name will be decided by members later on.

    3.The objectives are: a) For fellowship and fun. b) To learn, to share and to promote boating and angling as healthy activities for residents.

    4.Activities to be conducted are: a) Talks on relevant topics concerning angling and boating. b) Organizing boating and fishing trips for residents.

    5. The first trip proposed is a boat ride to lunch at the riverside restaurant (Cape9) upriver of Glen Cove on a Saturday afternoon. Date to be announced when Kevin has sussed out the place and made the neccessary arrangements for boat moorings at the restaurant.

    6.Another outing is scheduled for Saturday, November 5, 2011 where at least 2 boats will make a day trip to Pulau Angsa off the Selangor coast. Some 13 residents can be accomodated. More details will be posted when costs are being confirmed. The idea is to share costs on fuel, food and drinks. Fishing equipment, bait and PFD (life jackets) are “sendiri bawak”.

    7.And, Oh Yes, the Magnificient Seven (not in order of age or handsomeness) are:… Eric Yong, Johann Foo, Taizo San, Kevin Yong, Choo W.K., Nicky Teh and Tony Wee. Apologies from Mohd. Noor, KamarulzamaN and Jeff Harris.

    8. In order to make this effort a success, please pass the word around as we want to get more residents to join us.

    9. Finally, many thanks to Johann for arranging to get the meeting room from GCD foc.

  13. Please be informed that the gathering will be held in the meeting room.

  14. wkchoo says:

    Great!! I’ll pass the message around too. What’s the time of meeting? 7.30 pm?

      • ichtus17 says:

        Hi all,
        Hi all,

        Just so that there is no misunderstanding, the gathering is NOT to discuss topics like the closure of the jetties at 10.00 pm or whether fishing is allowed from the jetties.

        This first meeting is a gathering of like-minded neighbours who enjoy fishing and boating. Its about fun and fellowship, learning and sharing and promoting a healthy family oriented sport/hobby. Hope that many GC residents can come…rgds.

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