Living in Harmony by Nicky Teh

We are governed by a Deed of Mutual Covenant (DMC) which we signed on the dotted lines. This DMC provides guidelines and rules to all residents on how to live harmoniously as a community if these rules and guidelines are being followed.

Many clauses are grey in areas but the onus is on Glenmarie Cove Development to clear the air and come clean on specifics instead of avoiding or not implementing and enforcing the DMC.

As more and more residents make Glenmarie Cove a place to call home, we’ll see a myriad of people from all walks of life living amongst us. So far 99% are friendly, courteous, caring, neighbourly, sociable, hospitable and generous. However, we do get that unfortunate 1% who are opportunist in illegally expanding their homes without remorse (3 storey semi-D), parking in another resident’s car porch, parking outside of their own home (like in terrace housing areas), walking their dogs without a leash and not bothered to clean up after their dogs, damaging public properties, not educating their own guests to respect and behave when in GC. The list goes on and on.

At the end of the day, it will be free for all if there’s no control and if the DMC is not enforced.

So to the 1% minority, please do right by other residents so you won’t be loathed. You are respected in your own field of work and among peers so why not make the change and hop into the 99% group and be well loved by your ever friendly neighbours cum extended family.

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4 Responses to Living in Harmony by Nicky Teh

  1. yfyin says:

    Dear Nicky, in Malaysia, you can even build a castle in a the middle of a low cost housing.
    Things like this is happening everywhere, if GC can’t do much, just let the owner complete his house ASAP rather then it half done and an eye sore.
    Personally, how others live their life is not so much we can do as long as it does not affect the others.
    Further complaint only leads to things being personal.

  2. boyscout2b says:

    Hear, hear…Johann, I think you have recapped my own grouses in GC. I don’t think we should wait to see if GCD can grow some backbone in implementing/enforcing the DMC. I hope GCROA itself can suggest some solutions or steps for GCD to take. The very first being to increase membership of GCROA. There is strength in numbers and it is after all easier (I think) to influence our members (and CGD) to do the right thing.

  3. wkchoo says:

    Agreed 100% with Nicky and GC management must enforced the DMC and not closed one eye. The 1% will eventually grow bigger and this area will become “rojak” soon.
    As for the existing 99%, please continue the harmonious living style and hopefully this will in turn embarass the minorty to join the majority.

  4. nickyteh says:

    By the way, I didn’t make up these rules and regulations. Its all in the DMC and I’m just adhering to them, playing my part as a good and conscientious neighbour and hopefully to be well loved and liked by all neighbours.

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