P2 Jetty Update in Pictures

Very close to completion now with just the casting of pillars on the concrete bridge still left to do.

The aluminium gangway will be raised or lowered following the tide with the use of heavy duty rollers seen at the bottom of the gangway.

A truly impressive and well built jetty! Time to buy your boat or jet-ski? Think again. How are you going to launch it? There is no ramp! Hopefull, the cure for shortsightedness will be available soon.

It has nothing to do with the jetty but I just couldn’t resist this one. It was 11:30 am.Either an early lunch break or cutting grass and pulling weeds under the swelteringtemperature has taken its toll. Welcome to the world of so-called specialist contractors!

The work of stray dogs taken (photo courtesy of Nicky Teh).  The dogs knock over the litter bin to get at the leftovers? How do the dogs get in? Observe  there is no fence over a good stretch of Jalan Telok Gong as you get nearer the main gate. The animals can also come trough the gaps between P2 and P3/4.

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3 Responses to P2 Jetty Update in Pictures

  1. Ichtus17,

    If the metal base for the gangway roller ends up too short,as you fear, the only fitting thing to do is to line up the designer for the jetty and the GCD manager responsible for this project to be dumped into the river. And the idiots who came up with the curved boat ramp near Seri Santai should be similarly treated.

    I’d like to think they must have done their homework this time which only requires marking the spots at low and high tides BUT stupid things have happened before. So I must not attempt to count the chickens……….


    I hope the security SOP at the jetties will incorporate measures that require the guard on duty to get his butt out onto the pontoons to check what is really happening when, say, a boat approaches. It may just be an owner returning at 9:00 PM but that does not matter. The guard should still verify the status of the person, etc. We do not want guards who behave like mannequins in a department store.

  2. yfyin says:

    Will put a fishing boat there soon, hopefully , the jetty is well lighted at night to prevent any boats from ramming into it at night and there is enough security to prevent any outboard or boat theft.

    • ichtus17 says:

      Initial response:

      1. Great you’re getting your boat Yin.

      2. The metal base for the gangway roller looks too
      short as the tidal differential is big.

      3. The outer floating dock looks a bit long. Hope it
      can withstand the strong currents and wave action
      from passing barges / boats.

      4. Do hope warning lights are installed and kept
      in working order, not like the one in P1 which is

      5. Foto 4: Hope its the workers’ break time.:-)

      6. Stray dogs was an issue from day 1. I remember
      Capt. Shamsul and his boys rounding them up. I
      guess residents could also take preventive measures
      by tying the plastic bags tightly. Also, the days
      and times of rubbish collection could be relooked
      at and rescheduled?

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