Lantern Walk Pictorial by Johann Foo

Yummy moon cakes and munchies and handsome lads

Some of the lanterns brought for the evening

Getting ready for the evening. Ann Lim (left) and Mary Lowdik (Organiser-in-Chief)

Getting ready and making their way to the BBQ area in Precinct 2

Fun at P2 and tucking in

Cool guy; not bothered about all the fuss over lanterns. 

Mosquitoes do not bother this happy group

So contented, the moon cakes they had must be good

Some of the men who attended with their favourite beverage

Winners of the most creative lanterns for the evening: First prize (RM70)
was won by Chew Yeong Jiunn (standing next to Mary) while 2nd prize went
to Triston (yellow t-shirt) 

And finally, a big thank you to the organizers:

Agnes Mok and Mary Lowdik!!!!

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