Looking for a boat?


If you are, then take a look at the swanky Stingray boats crafted in the United Boats. The picture above  showcases the Stingray 185LS Bowrider, a compact (just 18′ 5″ in length) boat packed full of features. For more information on this and other Stingray models, please log on to the local distributor’s website: http://www.setiawestmarine.com/New_Boats.php

If you have  information on boats, equipment, great fishing sites, tips and tales to share, please email the information to info.gcroa@gmail.com and it will be featured under the ‘Boat Club’ category.


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  1. darenong says:

    Meanwhile ….. (1 year later) ….. as of 20th October I’ve learnt that :-
    i. I think Mr Tony Wee might sell his boat (if he gets another one that he desires)
    ii. Some resident that wanted a boat, still trying to get one (eyeing Mr Tony Wee’s boat hehe)
    iii. Resident that wants to buy a boat, canceled the idea (because some other residents bought one and he gets to tagged along as crew, hehe)
    iv. Mr Johann Foo trying to sell his boat (still, eh boss, cheap cheap la sure got buyer)
    v. Boat ramp is still as crooked as ever (@#$^^!!$! bla bla bla tak guna!)
    vi. Jetty 1 looks like it suffered world war (now a good fishing spot to some outsiders fisherman with small boats)
    vii. Jetty 2 is filled with anonymous angler from time to time (that will not hesitate to board resident’s boat without permission-with or without warning sign) I wonder, why the resident that brought them in here care not to educate his/her friend, or maybe he/she is not very educated person. (lol-just kidding)
    viii. No sign of boat club by GCROA, someone told me the idea is scrapped (maybe I humbly be entitled to that piece of land (originally planned for boat club) for free ? :D)
    ix. No more monthly fishing trips/competition (ermmm, any fish is also fish, its fishing competition not snapper/siakap/garoupa/tenggiri/barracuda/mangrove jack competition), I promise not to join every competition (I don’t want to win every round-I don’t want people to call me a bully, hee hee~)
    x. Glenmarie Cove new signature theme – Your all new Fallen Leaves Haven !!!!!!!!

    Savvy ?

  2. Kevin Yong says:

    Hi Paul and to all the boaters in this community,

    I will share a brief write up on boats base on my experience in owning a boat.

    Owning a boat is fairly easy here in Malaysia. All you need to do is register yourself with a boat club or marina. For instance in Glenmarie Cove, Klang, you can choose to be a member of the Royal Selangor Yacht Club (http://www.rsyc.com.my) for a lifetime membership fee of RM3,500 and a monthly fee of RM90.00. Before that, you will need a member to sign for you as an introducer.

    You will be called for an interview and once you get your membership no#, you will need to get yourself a boat id to have it stick onto your boat. With the id, it will be your driving license, road tax and etc. But there are other licenses you can apply from our Malaysia Marine Department as well.

    At the moment, it’s free to berth your boat at GC. This is something to be enjoyed as a GC resident and this will even bring up the prices of our property in GC much more.

    It takes approx. 20-25mins to get to the river mouth and 30-40mins to RSYC, 40-50mins to Pulau Ketam. (time recorded cruising at 40mph)

    According to GC, there will be a boat ramp at Precint 4 which will be constructed next year.

    I hope there will be more water activities eg. fishing trips, wake boarding, sailing and boat courses to be scheduled and once we have enough members to join the boat club, we can even do a small convoy to Admiral Cove in Port Dickson as I will gather more information on it soon. (Boat ride is about 1-1h30mins)

    Please confirm our meet up on the 21st October to start off the boat club as the 2nd jetty is very close to completion.

    For new boaters who is looking for a boat or wish to know about our services, please do give me a call or drop by our website @ http://www.setiawestmarine.com.

    Cheers and Happy Boating guys!

  3. boyscout2b says:

    Kevin, I have always thought about getting a small boat. Great fantasy but I really don’t know anything about the requirements for owning/operating a boat. (1) Do we need a permit or boat driving licence? Annual boat tax? (like road tax) (2) I suppose berthing at GC will incur a fee? How much? (3) does GCD have a firm plan for a proper launch ramp? When will this be ready? Maybe you can start an informational / educational series for wannabes – Paul

  4. ichtus17 says:

    Whats happened to the Boat Club thingy? Eric was about to start one and I gather there was’nt enough response from residents, as only about 6 replied.

    My proposal is that we gather the few that are interested and go ahead to form the “club” … or perhaps we should just, for the moment, call it the “Fishing and Boating Group”. This has the advantage that non boat owners can also participate, so long as they are intetersted in either one (which often can go together anyway).
    So Eric or Kevin, can we start asap?

    As for boats, I’ve had a number of enquiries as to where to find a reasonable FISHING boat. The following places may be of help:

    – log on to http://www.mudah .my and search for “other vehicles” and “boats”. However, do be careful as there are scammers operating here.

    – go see Wong of Joyful Marine. He is situated in Bagan Hailam where the “Hai Pro Fishing Payponds” are. There is a road inbetween the first and second ponds.

    – go talk to Eric or Kevin about their “Stingrays”.

    • ichtus17,

      Anything to breathe more life into this community is a good thing and will be greatly appreciated.

      If we wait until we reach a desired number before we start, I’m afraid I may be too old to walk to my boat when we hit that magic number.

      I agree with you that a handful of us can get this thing rolling. How about being the leader-organizer-in-chief for this informal group? With great power comes great responsibility – Spider-Man (2002) or Voltaire (1694-1778) – thus you will need to figure out what we should do as a group to make our activities meaningful and enjoyable and prevent us from becoming headless chickens.

      Yes, boaters and fishermen can make good mates. Maybe we can come up with a more interesting name for the group, like The River People or The Water People.

      We can organize fishing outings. Fishermen who do not have a boat can hop onto one of the boats heading out.

      • ichtus17 says:

        Hi Johann,

        Don’t mind being the initial coordinator of this Fishing & Boating (F&B?) group. Lets start with a very informal meeting, say on a Friday evening at Sri Santai (or even at the Senangin Jetty). Hows about Obtober 14 at 7.30 pm?

        Can you please broadcast this on the blog so that those interested can put up their names …. and those who read this blog, please pass on the
        announcement by word of mouth. Remember its going to be a very informal “getting-to-know-you” and “how we want to do things” kind of meeting…. rgds … tonywee.

      • ichtus17 says:

        Sorry Johann, the proposed date to meet is October 21st. not Oct. 14, which is tomorrow.:-( … in fact today, as its already past 12 am.:-) … my apologies…tonywee.

  5. Kevin Yong says:

    We are offering an additional discounts for our GC residents on new boat purchases, marine products and services. We hope to introduce more new boaters to our community and existing boaters are able to enjoy our services since we are just a stone throw away. Please feel free to contact me anytime, kevin@setiawestmarine.com.

    Stay tune as we will be having a soft launch somewhere in mid of September.

    -Happy Boating guys!!
    Setia West Marine

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