Update on Precinct 2 Jetty

Work on the jetty began in June 2011 and it is expected to be completed sometime in October 2011.

Built at a cost of around RM1.5 million, this new jetty shall be able to cater for up to twelve boats and will present a nice face-lift to the riverside fronting P2.  Utilization of this jetty could be expected to be low, at least during the initial stages as not many residents possess a boat. Boaters are also hampered by the lack of a proper  boat ramp but we have been informed by management a new ramp is definitely in the works in Precinct 4, where earthworks are currently underway. We hope this ramp will be built sooner rather than later and it may well be an attraction for buyers of properties in P4.

Anglers from P2 shall  be able to fish off this jetty in due course but please be mindful that the jetty is off-limits between 10:00 pm – 8:00 am, a policy that is unpopular among the fishing fraternity but warranted nevertheless for the peace and quite that nearby homes deserve. The Committee will discuss with the management whether a jetty or even a floating platform dedicated to fishing and located away from the homes might be possible. Then the fisherman could fish around the clock if they wish to.

Let us hear your opinions.

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22 Responses to Update on Precinct 2 Jetty

  1. mokhliswp says:

    It is now already December 2011 and yet the jetty is still not in operation for resident usage. It is currently locked and was told by security that it is awaiting CF. What is the latest situation.

    • Hi Mokhlis,

      I have just received an update from the project department in GCD that the power supply and lighting fixtures should be completed by January 2012. CF should be in hand by March 2012. Everything possible will be done to expedite this. The GCROA committee will be following up on this and this post will be updated accordingly.

  2. Kevin Yong says:

    Reporting @ 4:11am. When I got home from the first guard house to my 3rd last guard post, I was surprised that none of the guard were aware of my presence. At the last guard post to my entrance I notice that the guard on duty had fallen asleep. This is the best time for thieves to take advantage off and I also notice the shoplot’s siren next to mine was set off but none of the guards were aware of it. What’s the point of having guards where they are only active during the day where we can fend for ourselves but not during the night where we are most vulnerable? I was hoping GC would be a safer place to live in but I am worried I might be wrong. Hope something can be done as I was once a victim of midnight robbery.

    Signing off!
    -Kevin @4:26am

  3. Eric Yong says:

    As I look forward everyday I notice many new residents had move or about to move into this riverfront community. Many residents moving in here to stay had one serious intention …boating or fishing ! I also noted and overheard many of the resident are asking about boats clubs…..when are we going to have a boat club when we have here a nice and beautiful river !!

    In view of the many request from the residents themselves Setia West Marine now wish to welcome all residents male or female living in Glenmarie Cove who are interested to join me to form this GC Boat Club (GCBC) please do give me a call – 012 3869895 or email me… eric@setiawestmarine.com or drop in to my shop ..Setia West Marine, 152, Jalan Damar, Glenmarie Cove, Port Klang (to be open soon).

    Once GCBC is form we will have many activities plan throughout the year, eg, boat rides, sea cruises, fishing, holidays adventures on water and social gatherings. As GCBC members many discounts will be given when shopping for boats , boating gears and fishing accessories.

    I now look forward to welcome you all !

    Eric Yong
    Setia West Marine
    Port Klang

    • ichtus17 says:

      Congrats on the launch of Setia West Marine Eric. Looking forward to the opening of your shop/showroom and even more to the formation of GCBC. Count me in Eric. I’ll help where I can… rgds.

    • wkchoo says:

      Eric,congratulation from us too. Will definitely visit your showroom for good discount. I am all in for the formation of GCBC.

  4. Eric Yong says:

    I know many of the residens are not in favour for the jetty Sri Senangin to close after 10.00 pm. As I had earlier email to one resident namely Choo/ P2 , the closing is only temporary and we commitee are still looking for a solution to have the jetty open at all times. This is one of our Agenda in our next coming meeting with the GC management.

    • ichtus17 says:

      Hi Eric,

      Could’nt reply to Johann’s comments as there was’nt a reply tag, and so am “hijacking” your thread.:-)
      Glad that the committe will will be discussing the 10.00 pm closure with GC Management. Imho, the only solution is to ensure that the security and safety features are in place and functioning, and the jetty can be opened 24/7. For that matter, this issue does not involve the Senangin jetty only .. it applies to security and safety in general. It would be sad indeed if some residents’ house were to be burgled due to a lapse in security.

      As for Jetty 2, like the clubhouse, they were in the original plan and was what many of us bought into. We are not demanding more surely. eg. what is sad is that we’ve been promised time and again that the clubhouse will be ready. If you recall, the last promise by Mr. Ng was that it’ll be ready by Dec. 2010 and that we residents will be proud of the design…etc.

      Where fishing is concerned, I don’t think building a seperate “fishing pier” is the solution as this is not in the original plan, will incur extra cost and might even create more headaches.

      Do let us first identify the basic problems, and then find solutions with the sole objective of building a happy community…. rgds.

  5. good suggestion from nicky. i hope that we will not have to resort to putting up grills and alarms system in our home, which will mar the leisurely life we are currently enjoying. ours is a secret gem and let it stay a gem, irregardless of the secret part.

    as for some measures, do remember that we are in a community, a lot of give and take will go a long way to a conducive environment, and i would like to share this gem of an advice with fellows GC-ers :-

    “You can please all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot please all the people all the time.”


  6. nickyteh says:

    Dear residents, we need you to be our eyes and ears so that we can be your voice when we meet with GC management on the residents’ behalf. So your posts, comments and proposed solutions are invaluable to us and to the community.

  7. nickyteh says:

    Dear GC residents, in view of the recent incident at Senangin Pier 2 days ago at 11.30pm, I, as a safety & security liason committee member received a call from the security office regarding the usage of the pier after hours. While the security officer & a few of the committee members were in a discussion, a non-resident who claimed that his uncle stays in P2 then climbed round the locked pier gate right in front of our very eyes. If a visitor can blatantly trespass a jetty in front of the security guard and other residents, what is there to stop them from trespassing into residents’ home while theorist of rest are asleep? I am proposing to the GCROA committee to negotiate with GC management to only allow residents who own boats and visitors (accompanied by residents at all times) to have access to the pier 24 hours. This way they can fish and gut baits & catches within the confinementnof their own boat without dirtying the pontoon as well as causing inconvenience to other users. Also, the management should reserve the right to evict and remove noisy users after midnight. Also, I am proposing that no visitor’s vehicles are allowed in after 10pm. Residents are to personally come to Sri Santai to fetch their visitors up. This may not be a popular idea but hey guys, we are living in a community so please think of others.

    • ichtus17 says:

      Three points Nicky … 1. Regardless of time, all visitors or contractors must be registered before coming into GC, AFTER a call to the owner to confirm their identity. This is done in many other guarded communities. All it takes is more diligence by the guards at the entrance.

      …2. Good for boat owners if only owners and their guests (accompanied) are allowed into the jetty. However, we must remember that ALL residents “paid” for the jetty, and in all fairness, should have access to it too. The only practical solution is to ensure all the safety and security fundamantals are in place.

      … 3. In the end, all residents must take ownership and behave responsibly. Once rules are agreed upon by the majority, the management must take action with the full backing of the committee.

      • Johann says:


        Good points.

        Calling the owner for confirmation was indeed practiced at my previous location, especially at night or whenever the guard was suspicious. Making that call for every visitor could be rather cumbersome and tedious especially when there is along queue waiting to be admitted and the owner cannot be easily reached. Incidentally, on odd occasions, contractors have called me from the gate when it was getting a little past 6:00 pm so I could speak to the guard to let them in.

        You can rest assured that the Committee will deal with the issues in fairness to all but do bear in mind that we cannot please all of the people all of the time. It is inconceivable to me anglers can be booted off the jetty unless a ‘fishing’ solution is found. To mitigate the noise factor, the fishing station should ideally be away from the homes, perhaps around Seri Santai making some good use of the foundation that has been laid for the poorly conceived ramp. I’m not sure if that will work though but Yoda will say, try we must.

        I was rather surprised to learn that the P2 jetty will cater for twelve boats. With the PI jetty looking rather forlorn most the time, why would we require space for 12 boats? Is the management expecting a sudden influx of boats? Would it not be a better use of the funds if a smaller pier were to be built instead and the rest of the money added to the clubhouse budget, for example. Now, that is a facility that benefits everyone!

        So we going to have a jetty in P4 and then P3? That will make us really fulfilled? I hope residents will offer their honest opinions so we have a community that has facilities that make better sense and not simply demand that the developer make good on a sales brochure printed years ago. Let us find better uses for the money, our money.

  8. Congratulations to members of the committee for the excellent job and commitment to ensure that we in GC will always stay in love with the place we were smitten with.

    I do hope that all issues will be tackled in due time and that there will be no cases of issues being too small to warrant the committees’ attention for no matter how small an issue is, it might get blown out of proportion if not nipped at the bud.

    I do agree with most of the comments here and I do hope that we will soon have a proper and “to be proud” of kind of guarding system. The present system of guards opening the boom gates (or leaving it opened if they happened to step away) is not acceptable. There are guests who waited for the boom gates to open and don’t know when it will opened. Also gone were the days where guests were asked which house or residents are they visiting and spot checks to ensure they went to the specified unit. Even contractors come and go as they please nowadays.

    We sort of missed the good old days and we hope it will be “resuscitated” soon with the present excellent line up!!

  9. wkchoo says:

    Hi to fellow GCROA! Glad to hear that the committees members are taking up the issue of fishing platform with the management. Kindly propose the platform to come with some basic needs ie running tap water, lighting etc. It should also come with some rules and guidelines and not “free for all” to avoid it becomes an eyesore in no time.

    Rules and regulations are to ensure orderly conducts and hope everyone to abide by it. Had on two occasions saw the 10 pm closure of jetty not followed, instructions from security guard were ignored by “non compliance”….even the used of chains to lock the gate did not help too….

    The present dustbins along the river walkway are not sufficient and should add few more. Noticed that the dog poo were mainly in the area away from dustbins and hopefully the additional dustbins can minimise the problem. The management should ensure the collection of rubbish in the walkway are done in timely manner as in the residents areas ( rubbish thrown a week later are still in the dustbin not collected…I used it everyday to notice it)

    Let us all make this a truly resort living.

  10. nickyteh says:

    “Pet waste – lots of poo at the grass at walk way area. Perhaps we ought to create better awareness to pet rearers:). For information we have 3 lovely dogs from small to medium and large dog”.

    Dear resident, thank you for your concern and comment on the dog poo matter. We, the GCROA committee share your sentiment as well. We can only urge, hope and pray.

    URGE that the GC residents can be conscienscious, thoughtful, considerate and loving towards other residents who are also sharing the common areas within GC compound and realise that their actions reflect the level of their upbringing.

    HOPE that they can clean up after their pets, throw rubbish into rubbish bins, park their vehicles in their own compound, maintain a slow and safe driving speed and remind their guests/visitors to respect other residents by not shouting profanity, squatting on roadsides while waiting for the residents, not climbing round the jetty gate when it is chained up/inaccessible and not climbing into or put their fishing rods onto residents’s boats.

    PRAY that they can and will maintain and retain a certain standard and quality of living here in GC and instill these good Practice and habits towards their future generation.

    We cherish constructive comments from GC residents and proposed solutions would be utmost helpful to us. Thanks

  11. yfyin says:

    As for the security fast tag, the developer should seriously look into changing the system to those use by highway concession as the present tag could not be detected by tinted cars. To wind down your car windows every time you go out would defeat the purpose of a fast tag especially during rainy days.

    • nickyteh says:

      The GCROA committee have been in discussion with GC management to assist them in the selection process of appointing new security contractor when the current one’s contract expires in October 2011. This include the possibility of replacing the card access system to the one similar to the ‘touch n go’ long range proximity system that comes with the ability to incorporate zoning access and restriction control where, upon written application to the GC management and subject to approval (where residents have homes in more than One precinct or relatives residing in Precincts other than theirs) residents may be able to gain access to various Precincts within GC. The system would also be able to allow only boat owners to access into the Piers (most yacht clubs and Marinas do not allow fishing activites on pontoon/berthing areas). We thank you for your comments as a concerned resident who truly care for the well being and quality of life here in GC.

  12. yfyin says:

    The suggestion that”(a jetty or even a floating platform dedicated to fishing and located away from the homes)” is a great idea for anglers who don’t own boats. Presently, residents are forced to fish at the jetty and the jetty is not built for fishing since there are no safety features like fencing or life saving ring buoys easily available for emergency situations.

    There are so many senior and educated residents staying in Glenmarie but surprisingly , no body seems to see the danger face by visitors or anglers fishing at the jetty, I personally went fishing at the jetty many times and on and off there are residents or visitors who walked in with children to look around without realising the danger of the surrounding environment, what I meant is one wrong step at the edge of the jetty and you could be wash away during a big tide day. I have seen during a big tide day, water came in and goes out like rapids in river. whether you are a swimmer or not you will be washed away immediately as no one could swim against such strong current.

    The design of this floating platform should be in rectangle shaped, parallel to the riverside, safety features like a minimum of 3 and a half feet fencing should be built around it to prevent children or even adult from falling into the river. There should be ring buoys easily accessible at a 10feet gaps. There should be ample lightings for night fishing and fresh water for washing. Awning along the platform to avoid hot sun during the day.

    My personal opinion is, the river side at this present moment is not being utilized at all since there are no fishing platform and there is no proper ramp for boat launching, I would say ,this is all the failure of the developer as not enough communication is offered by the developer to fulfil and listen to the demands or needs of the residents.

    The clubhouse mention in the layout plan for precinct 2 is also an unfulfilled promise by the developer.

    Recently, I noticed that all the parameter sensors along the riversides are not functioning, please correct me if I am wrong. If it is true, it poses a great threat to residents here as pirates or robbers could easily come in from the river.

    • Johann says:

      Thank you for your input on the safety features for a fishing platform. We will do our best to push for something to be done so that everybody gets to enjoy the benefits of living in this community.

  13. ichtus17 says:

    Good that the 2nd. jetty is coming up soon as promised by GCD. HOwever, I do not favour the 10.00 pm – 8.00 am ruling:
    1. The jetty is for the enjoyment of all residents at all times.
    2. The residents must be responsible for their own as well as their guests actions at all times when using the jetty. We should not punish all for the irresponsible act of a few.
    3. Boaters may come back after 10 pm and may want to leave before 8 am.

    So long as the “fundamentals” are in place, there should not be any issues:
    – All security measures must work .. the lights, video cameras and sensors.
    – Entry to the jettys must be by access cards only.
    – All guests must be registered coming into GC.
    – The guards must make their rounds which must be recordered
    – Safety equipment like lifebouys must be made available at the jettys.
    With the above in place, I’m sure we can all enjoy and be proud of our “Riverfront Resort”

    btw. the present jetty needs to be repaired fast before it deteriorates further.

    ps. congratulations to the inaugral GCROA committee and the setting up of this Blog.

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