Glenmarie Cove’s Mr. Green Fingers by Santok Singh

Those of you who live in Precinct 1, or have lived at Glenmarie Cove (GC) for a few years will of course know whom we are referring to.  You only have to drive along  Jalan Damar Laut 2a  or Jalan Damar Laut 2b (at the junction of these two roads) and not help but notice our own mini botanical garden.

We are of course referring to Mr. Padmanathan or better known to most of us as Padma or Pat.  Pat has lived at GC for four and a half years and is one of the first owners to move here on 3rd January 2007.   Pat developed his expertise in gardening as a hobby, having had an interest in gardening for forty-five years. He has always been willing to help any of his GC neighbours with advice to improve individual gardens, as he says, this will improve the overall ambience of GC.  Due to the ever-increasing requests from his fellow residents to provide advice and garden maintenance services, Pat started his landscaping service in March 2010 and currently provides a gardening service to fifteen house holds in the neighbourhood.

Pat is aware of the history of GC, the good, the bad and the ugly.  He had initially seen a great improvement in the common areas (gardens and grounds) and, unfortunately, deterioration over the past few years.  He supervised the daily work undertaken by the maintenance contractor from September 2009 to April 2010 and it is common knowledge among those who were resident here in the early days that this period saw the common areas, lagoon and river front at its best.

Pat has many ideas on how the gardens and grounds can be improved to reflect the exclusive nature of GC and says that he is willing to help both management and the Residents Association put these into effect.

Pat is always available to offer advice to individual residents on how to improve and maintain their gardens.  So go on, ask him, and you will be surprised what you can achieve to improve GC in general, and your individual gardens in particular.

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